Devil, Lakitu, Parakoopa
Art by Animas Animus
!G 01 2015 @Animas_Animus Devil_(Devil_World) Koopa_Paratroopa Koopa_Troopa Lakitu Mario_(series) Super_Smash_Bros._(series) demon koopa


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This commish was done by Animas Animus. I wanted some Devil World porn (you may recognize this guy as an assist trophy from the Smash Bros games), and he was willing to throw in some koopa porn as well! Lots of cum too. =9 Thanks, Animas!
Uploader Ket-Ralus,
Tags !G 01 2015 @Animas_Animus demon Devil_(Devil_World) koopa Koopa_Paratroopa Koopa_Troopa Lakitu Mario_(series) Super_Smash_Bros._(series)
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lomby: O o o o o O h~wow-za!
That "Devil", is just... MMMmmm!!!

I'm quite familiar with him, since his 8-bit NES game, was actually released here in Europe and PAL regions - but I must do say, he has *never* looked this GOOD before.

Mightily sexy, and many faps shall be had t'ni't, to his chubby cummy yummy form~ ;9

<3 <3 <3

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Ket-Ralus: Heheh! 'Tis good you get such mirth from this piece of art. ;}

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lomby: There'd be indeed *girth* along with mirth, if I shall say so myself, in regard to this! ;b

He looks great tho',
and his face is just fantastic; it has the right kinda level of awkward-but-wanting lust, with a tint of embarrassment to the ordeal as a whole...

His big, fat, and drippy cock, and [even] bigger belly, surely doesn't sour matters either, and both those parts of his, looks great, covered in coated cum~