Grey w/ Ket & Brask
Art by Sony-Shock
!G 01 2015 @Sony-Shock Brask Ket alien grey_alien nerond tortavi


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Birthday present from my hubby, temp_anon! =} Sony whips up some tasty alien action! =9

Flat color version here:
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lomby: May I say, in well-wish; Happy (belated!) Birthday, Ket-o maister~ ;D

... Sony, always seem to know how to draw such wonderfully plump ass/ets! They each and every, all looks *so* good in here, 'specially Brask's lovely form, in such a spectacular side-view~ MMMmmm!


Gotta l o v e them classic-styled Greys too~ Got a fine sum of [video-]games, soley so, for the fact them and those are frequently featured in so (Greys), and are of course, oftenly particularly handsome, *even* when evildoers~ ;9

Elvis, from the game Perfect Dark, is a personal fav' Grey of mine! (Although only his Nintendo 64 counterpart, as in personal speak; his Xbox Live Arcade version/ revision, looks fairly creepy to me and my senses~)

(And why yes, he *is* wearing sneakers!)

He's a lot more fancifully fun and fruitfully fetchin' in-game however, as his personality is quite charming and uplifting, *even* in the heat of battle, and he's somewhat prone to make comedic one-liners or quick quips. :B

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Kurt: Happy Birthday, Ket! I know I already did say that when we spoken to each other, but for the picture. My goodness it looks awesome and a lot of fun, only wish I was able to join in with you love birds spewing around those turtle seeds and alien seeds.

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ProjectD: Happy late birthday! I would have been on time with that if I had known.

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Ket-Ralus: Thanks for the birthday greetings, everyone! I don't advertise my birthday because I don't care much for holidays, conforming to schedules, or the attention whoring that goes along with such things. =P In any case, you are all good people and I appreciate the sentiments. =}

lomby, I know of Elvis. I actually have an Elvis "pet" from my Xbox Live avatar. ;} It's based off the remake, but it's all good in my book.

Thanks to you all: Kurt, ProjectD, and lomby. <3