Art by Roarey Raccoon
!G 01 2015 Boomer Boomer's_Adventure_in_ASMIK_World Roarey_Raccoon_(artist)


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A gift from lombnut (lomby), as drawn by Roarey Raccoon. =} Thank you, lomby! =D
Uploader Ket-Ralus,
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lomby: Thanks a ton for this 'toon post, Ket!
Tis much appreciated~


Also, may I add, that is it just me, or does this image as a whole, have a slight three-dee-ish-vibe to it? Something about its dimensions and lines, makes it seem so... vividly real, alarmingly alive, and fully dimensional - even if it is just such a simple picture, in basic base.

I think, at least to me, the curvature of his body, conveys SO much, and the way his feet and legs; thickened loins, angle themselves in context to his shape, it all gives out this feel of a natural tilt, and as if, parts of him, are closer to the viewer then others - I think his lower half, and nether-regions, are especially notable for this, as I can easily view so as such, in the way one of his flat feet, seems so near, and as the body moves further on up, it appears as if he too moves further back in lean.

It... may sound strange[ly deranged], but there is something oddly pleasant about this. As I eye his curvature; from the bottom of his soles, to the spiked noggin of his top, I can *see* it - It; this, ah, little piece of... mesmerizing magic~

I dunno if so was intentional or not, but it is a little piece of marvel that I certainly enjoy, and it is in by-part of so, that I have grown so endeared to this one pictured piece of Boomer.

... I wonder if you too, can see something alike that in this, Ket?

I do apologize if I seem maddened, for seemingly seeing things I only may seem to see?

I can however assure you, that my humbled health and state of wellbeing, is quite solid in stance, and that in the cases of this; perhaps it is just another little oddity, only those of oddly minds and odd functionality, can pay actual notice to?

Anyhow, Ket (now with rambles all said 'n' done) -
- let me know whether or not I am alone in my insipid "insanity"! *chuckles*


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Ket-Ralus: You speak sense, lomby! While I wouldn't consider this any more than a sketch, Roarey did well with his curves to give Boomer a plump visage in a perspective view. ;}

We're both artists, so I don't find it surprising that we can read deeper into a piece of art. =}

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lomby: Many thanks for agreeing with my sentiments, Ket. :)

I feel now stillness in so, knowing I am at least not all *too* mad -
- just a little [bit mad]~ ;)