Ket & Santa Brask
Art by Sony-Shock
!G 12 2014 @Sony-Shock Brask Ket nerond tortavi


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main image
Ket takes a seat on Santa's lap, but since Brask is Santa, things get sexy, and Ket's Christmas wish is fulfilled. <3

Another gift from temp_anon drawn by Sony. =}
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lomby: OooooOh Brasssk; why must he be so lovably plump, and chubbily sexxxy?

I can *definitely* see why folks and furs would want to have their way with him -
- a certain tortoise included, o f c o u r s e. ;)

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Ket-Ralus: An extra-chubby Brask is always fun to play with. ;} Glad you enjoy this pair~

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lomby: How can I *not*, when both parties are so equally sexxxy? ;)

You look *great* with a cock up that bubble-butt of yours, mistah Ket~


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Ket-Ralus: Mmmm "=} thanks. <3

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lomby: The compliments are only truthful, much meant, and certainly welcome, mister Ralus~ ;)

I think a pinkly chub of a dinosaurus o' mine, would like to join in next, in Santa's "sled". Whether or not and regardless of he'd been naughty or nice, I bet he'd looove his time in Santa's lap~