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Another great pic from Shimera! This time with Frogger and a little-known turtle named Dewie. =} Hope you enjoy!
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lomby: Frogger is s o h o t - at least to me, in his more recent and newer [re]designs, if I may say so myself~

Played his li'l game called "Frogger: Helmet Chaos", for my PlayStationPortable, a while some year/s or so back, and I honestly found it to be quite the enjoyable experience. Addictive and fun, great game-play, and likable, lovely characters to boot, all included!

(The said titled video-game, also made me r e a l hot 'n' heated for him and his buddies too - not to mention that sexxxy croc'o'gator villain in there!)

I gotta say though, since in the speaks of alluring and appealing, arousing amphibians; *why* aren't *you* in this too, Ket? ;}

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Ket-Ralus: Yeah I love Frogger's recent design. Very cute =}~

I could have been in here, but it didn't cross my mind this time. Possibly in the future. ;}

Since you were mentioning it, let me know if you have any references of other Frogger characters you think I should pay attention to!

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lomby: Then so be a future, I'll look mightily forward too. ;)

Well, since you asked me so kindly and sincere, I think, I should at least mention that big 'n' strong, stern and striking villain from a few of their games; Dr. Wani!

He's quite appealing, in his scaly and sexxxy allure - I love his dapper and dressed look; and yet, he's such a brute, in beefy stature - got such a smooth-smackin' voice too~

If you're further curious about this croc-o-gator'ed galore-ish delight, I advice you to have a look at his "[The] Frogger Wiki" page. :)

[It] Gives a nice feel for his character, along with personality, persona, and quotes - etcetera ergo etcetera~

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Ket-Ralus: Mmmm~ stout, chubby, and has nice feet. Good find! I'll definitely be tossing him into my references soon. Thanks! =}

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lomby: Awh - I am beyond delighted to hear so!

I did not know if he was in your range of exquisite tastes, but since he was in a palette of my own, I am just *so* happy, that you too, found him desirable just as such as I did!

... Hehe, havin' had a good look at him, it's kinda easy to imagine that nice croc'o'gator cock of his, slipping 'n' sliding its length through that tight genital-slit of his...

Perhaps it'd be swollen a slight; swelling, but welling with the wetness, of its moist member.

And, I do gotta say, it'd be *real* f u n to bring such a stoic and dapper, reserved gent, down to a more, aaah, whimpering and whaling state of self-being, as he'd *moan* and *groan* so *hotly*, in that *husky*, deep 'n' charmy voice of his...

... Just some food for thought~ <3
... Really makes ya wanna taste that reptilicious cum, huh? <3 <3 <3

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Ket-Ralus: Hehe, I do believe so! I'll have to think of some scenarios he could fit into. ;}

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lomby: MMMmmm - is that a magic word, I sense?
~ Fit ~ Into ~

... Much can stem from such, I dare to say;

One could, ah, make him quite the snug fit, up the backside - for surely so, I do not think a tough turtle like you, would mind taking him on in trembling temptation? ;)

... And I am sure, one could make that hollow hole his own, a equally tight fit - if he'd let you, of course, (*and not* decide to munch menacingly on your arm firstly instead!)

He might make a marvelous bottom in due time, once he's "persuaded" enough into letting one do just so...
(I sense titillating toys aplenty, as to train 'n' warm him up proper~)

... Perhaps Wani could become a Wan[t]i[t]? :d

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Kurt: Fogger and Dewar surely do have interesting feet. Wonderful job to the value. That value is one of my most favorite in art. Very clean and shiny.

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Ket-Ralus: Yeah some shiny details are always nice. =}

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Kurt: I must agree with your words, Ket.