Lakitu & Spiny
Art by Hollo_Nut
!G 11 2014 Hollo_Nut_(artist) Lakitu Mario_(series) Spiny koopa


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I privately requested for Hollo_Nut to draw some shellless Lakitu & Spiny having gay sex. He delivered! =D The style of the Spiny was all his idea, but I like how he came out. Also, Lakitu <3
Uploader Ket-Ralus,
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lomby: Hehe, I didn't know Spinys could be so cute...
What a greatly done interpretation/ rendition!

You always commission, request, or are gifted, such delectably erotic, enticing stuff, Ket... It be sure to make the mouth or maw water (and else! (read: dick)) of any fur and non-fur alike, for who can not appreciate such shapely, striking delights?

I will admit though, I was a tad bit disappointed, when seeing this as a whole, in full view; because the thumbnail fooled me, into thinking there would be some pleasurable, probing penetration, to expect. ;b

I have a "thing" (kink?), for them little guys, or the usual subs, being the ones on top, for the occasional occasion... Like, a arousing(?) reversal of the all-too-expected roles, wherein *now* the usual toppers, is the ones on the receiving end of the action, and the cute li'l subs, gets to be a bit dom'ing; to plummet [into] and pummel, such caressing confines, and wholesome holes...

Ah - it be just a fun concept/ idea, to play around with at times, you know? Changes things up a bit... :}

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Ket-Ralus: Oh yeah, this is not quite penetration, but kind of a tease. =P I believe I asked for fucking, but Hollo_Nut had the freedom to do his own thing, so I believe he left it up to the imagination as to what might happen next between these two. ;}

And yeah I like the small guy on top too, especially with size difference. I know a lot of people into that. For me, it's all about the one with more potential for power getting put in a compromising position, either literally or figuratively. I don't think it's the dominant/submissive aspect of it, but more bringing a character down to a more exposed. intimate level. I wish I could explain better, but that shall do for now. =}

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Kurt: Oh goodness~ I never did imagen how Spiny's look without there spiked shell to protect them. They sure are adorable, Ket! Mostly with there partner who always throws them from the cloud. It would be interesting if the artist made three more naked Spiny's surrounding Lakitu as they make love towards him in taking care of the three~ Then again, that's really up to Hollo_Nut. He did an amazing job with the value. Having it clean yet with a few trims does give a great impression, in-fact it's one of my favorites styples~!

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Ket-Ralus: Hehe. =} Yeah more naked Spinies would be nice, but we take what we can get. ;}

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lomby: Nah, you explained it *excellently*, Ket. :)

Good to see, others share in my kicks 'n' kinks too!
Goodness gosh, ain't the Internet just such a wonderful place?
Where else, could one find such positively perverse people?
... In every good sense of the word, of course~ ;)

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Ket-Ralus: Yes, the Internet is great indeed. =D

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lomby: Yep. :D