Brask bukkake
Art by Sony-Shock
!G 09 2014 @Sony-Shock Brask Gimel-I Gimel_Goblin Ket Looney_Tunes Mario_(series) Marvin_the_Martian Toad_(Mario) alien goblin nerond obscured_face tortavi


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temp_anon gets another amazing commish from Sony-Shock that's tailored to my tastes: A group of nude mini hotties covering the lovely Brask with a barrage of cum. =9~ This makes me so happy. <3
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lomby: Yum - I wanna join!

(Also, nice to see that Blogtrottr works just fine, in notifying me about your page's artful updates - yay!)

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Ket-Ralus: You're welcome in the fray any time, lombs. ;}

And I'm glad Blogtrottr is working for you! I actually monitor my own site with it, so I can keep up on comments and make sure image notifications are sent properly. =}

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lomby: Thanks for the intimate invite, Ket! ;)

And yeah, it's working out nicely for me, too. It was first in recent times, maybe a week or so back, that I took it upon myself to subscribe to you[r site], and hence, I was very pleased to see, it was fully functional, and working proper.

After a hard days work, finding such a pornographic postage in my mail, well, that just makes it all the better - you know?

Sexy "rewards", beneficial for seedily, sexy times...

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Ket-Ralus: I agree. Surprise porn is always enjoyable. =}

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lomby: Yup yup!