Ket & Brask Big Balls 69
Art by Ket Ralus & temp_anon
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This is the first story I've posted in six years! I had some fun with temp_anon last weekend and turned that into a more formal reading format. It's a short and seedy tale, but I hope you enjoy it, if you take the time to read it. =}

This time I'm offering standalone PDF and TXT formats, and rather than having an HTML format, I'm simply posting the story inline. Please let me know if any additional accommodations can make things easier for you. Thanks!

Oh, and one more thing: You may notice a different species name for Ket. This is a change I've made in hopes of soothing the eyes and tongue. However, the old name is not gone completely, it will simply be used in a more scientific context that I will elaborate upon later. ;}


Ket & Brask Big Balls 69

~A Mini Erotic Story~
(Chronology #2000)

Written by Ket Ralus & temp_anon on 2014-06-07.
Edited by Ket Ralus on 2014-06-07.

Sex/Fetishes: Gay, 69, Hyper Balls, Cum Inflation, Anal Fingering, Foot Play, Musk, Toon, Magic
- Ket Ralus, 30 M, 99cm/4.0heads tall, green tortavi (shell-less anthro turtle)
- Brask Vovik, 25 M, 72cm/3.3heads tall, nerond arkmage (round, jet black humanoid)


It's a Friday night at the home of Ket & Brask. After a long day of work, Ket greets Brask with a big warm hug and closes his eyes into a beaky smile. Brask returns the hug with a gentle rub of his thick fingers along Ket's back, and also lets his eyes shut as his lips smile wide.

Happily cooing, "Mmm... Brask," Ket wags his tail and nuzzles his beak on the mage's smooth, spherical head.

"Mmm mmms. My turtle~" Brask nuzzles back and lets out a soft sigh.

"I'm glad you enjoyed the koopa art I linked you to earlier today," Ket mentions with a grin.

"Oh yeah yeah, super cute," replies Brask, licking his lips in a toony fashion.

"Not as cute as you, but close," Ket says with a wink, and squeezes one of Brask's buns with a grabby hand.

"Heh heh, d'aww." Brask blushes red from cheek to cheek.

"See what I mean? Heh," Ket continues on. "But even though it's the weekend, I feel like slipping into bed." Ket lifts his short, nerond husband into his arms, and carries him towards the bedroom. "Let's go relax."

Brask hangs on and nuzzles into the turtle's shoulder. "Alrighty hubby bubby," he says with a relaxed smile.


Upon entering the cozy bedroom, Ket balances on one foot and holds Brask tight as he pulls the covers open with a few swipes of his other foot. "That's speed bedding," Ket jokes with a smile, and he flops down into the mattress with his mage on top of him.

Brask settles into Ket's welcoming arms and gives his beak a big smooch. "Mmmmmmuwah~ My helpful turtle," he says with a sleepy smile.

Ket plays with Brask's fundoshi knot as the mage rests belly down on top of him. "Well I'm not super sleepy right now, so maybe we can take off this little bit of underwear and be more free," Ket chimes in, and kisses back on his hubby's cheek with his tongue. "If you need to sleep, that's OK, but I'm still taking this off," Ket finishes speaking on a musical note as he completes unknotting Brask's fundoshi, and runs his palms down the nerond's smooth bare back to his pillowy black buns.

"Nah, I'm pretty awake if you want to toon out, or inflate me, or just keep groping," Brask says with an expressive wink as his toes wiggle against Ket's thighs.

"I'm up for any fetish you're in the mood for," Ket replies, winking back, and gets ready right away. He slips his underwear off past the nerond's toes so his turtle tower can freely stand at attention. Then, after kicking off his own boxer briefs, he pulls away the soft cloth of Brask's untied fundoshi. Ket kneads the mage's butt cheeks with his hands, spreading them apart and dipping his fingers down to feel up the nerond's exposed sack.

"Ball expansion is a nice idea. Turns us into precum fountains again," Brask says with a mischievous grin. He sticks his thumb in his mouth and gives it a puff, making his nuts expand out and press against Ket's thighs with smooth, musky nerond sack while his dick lets off a splurt of precum between the couple. "M-mmm~" he moans, closing his eyes with a smile.

"Heheh," Ket laughs in a semi-nervous fashion, "that was fast. Must have had that ark preloaded."

"Nope. Just toony," Brask replies playfully with a tongue sticking out that's nearly as big as Ket's head.

Ket's green erection is now enveloped into the base of Brask's big sack. Ket's hands eagerly move between several positions: Groping the mage's big balls and chubby ass, as well as sneaking under Brask's fountain then back up to his beak for a taste of nerond pre. "Mmm... work your big ball magic on me, hubby," Ket blurts with excitement.

Brask reaches under his pillow and hands Ket his koopa rod. "Just start giving it jerks and think of nothing but big, hefty, juicy balls, my horny hubby," Brask says with a wink.

"Hehe you're already reading my mind," Ket says with a closed-eyed smile as a bit of saliva and nerond precum drools down his chin. He strokes the wand and starts to make it glow.

"The precum coating you're getting should help too, heh heh," Brask adds, as he basks in the warm glow and his nuts, ass, and dick get just a little bit heftier.

"Indeed~ Any position you had in mind for this? I think a 69 might be interesting," Ket inquires, opening an eye.

"Mmmm, 69 sounds good. Pump each other so full of cum we look male pregnant with round, taut tummies," Brask answers, and licks his lips with a toony tongue able to reach one of his eyes.

Ket feels his green sack inflating, growing larger, heavier, and filled with turtle cum. He gets hornier and his pink glans starts to leak a steady stream of pre on Brask's nuts. "Mmm~ good," Ket murmurs as he strokes the wand faster and harder, and the jewel at its top becomes brilliant.

Brask's hands get a nutful of sack in each and gives them a sloshing jiggle. "Indeedy, my potent turtle," he says with a smile.


Now experiencing the full effect of the magic on his sex organs, Ket sets the luminous koopa wand over on the nightstand.

"Ah- before your nuts get too heavy, let me get you turned around," Ket says as he carefully lifts the mage's large nuts off his leaky cock and helps Brask turn around so the turtle can get a face full of the nerond's back side. "We may need to lay on our sides, but I can still bury my face in your balls as I guzzle your cum," Ket adds thoughtfully as his scaled brows tilt down into somewhat of an evil grin.

"Heh, thanks hubby," Brask says as his bubble butt waves in his husband's face. The mage then shuffles onto his side to block all of Ket's vision with his sack and blast precum in the turtle's face--while his own face gets precummed all over in turn. The turtle opens his beak and uses his tongue to guide the mage's throbbing, drippy 'wand' into his mouth. One of his hands reaches to the side to grab the nerond's foot, running his thumb along its sole and over the three round toes. His other hand runs circles over Brask's enlarged scrotum.

Ket feels his tight, huge, scaly nutsack pushing his legs apart at a wider angle as his dick drizzles and spurts precum in Brask's round face. Ket murrs with pleasure while Brask smiles wide and lets the turtle's precum gush into his mouth. Brask then closes his lips around Ket's fountain and eagerly starts lapping at the head; gulping down the clear fluid. Meanwhile, his own wand keeps spraying precum into Ket's gluttonous beak.

Brask's hands grope at his lover's butt and turtle tail. The tail wriggles fast in the nerond's grasp, and Ket's legs bend and twitch in reaction to the pleasure. While still blowing his hubby, Brask's spherical head starts to bob back and forth, looking like a bouncing ball on Ket's giant balls, and his tummy slowly starts to balloon out.

The flow of Ket's precum is lost in the warmth of the mage's mouth, but he still tastes Brask's own sticky fluid as his beak carefully closes around the mage's dark rod and his tongue licks every angle of Brask's cock, taking occasional gulps to keep down the river of nerond precum. Ket wets a finger in his mouth with a combo of his spit and his lover's spunk, and slowly prods into Brask's tight pucker as he gets big whiffs of the mage's musky nuts.

Brask closes his eyes and keeps taking in the precum as his nuts tighten up into giant orbs. His own curious fingers probe and tease Ket's turtlehole. This causes Ket's body to quiver and his big green toes to curl up as he gets closer to full on cumming.

Ket responds, probing his thick finger deeper into his partner's tight ass and curling it in towards his g-spot. Brask's legs kick out and shake a bit as he feels his sensitive prostate get a gentle massage. This makes his dick pop out of Ket's mouth and become a brief geyser, dousing both his hubby and the bed in his musky clear fluid. Ket's other hand grabs the mage's faucet of a cock and moves it around to let the nerond's precum pour all over his beak, chin, and chest before popping it back in his mouth and teasing the jet black glans with his tongue.

Ket then massages Brask's big dark orbs with one hand while he continues fingering his hubby with the other. Ket moans, inundated with pleasure and quite literally with nerond precum, as his scaly belly balloons out, making his navel become more of an outie.

Ket's hips buck slightly as Brask continues filling his own mouth with turtle meat and flooding his throat with precum. Brask suddenly blushes as his own outie brushes against Ket's, and the couple's new super round tummies smush together. Finally satiated, Brask takes one last gulp and pulls off the cum hose. "Aaaaah~" he emotes, licking his lips.

Ket continues lapping at Brask's dick as it partially leaves his beak, but uses his hand to start jerking himself to full orgasm. "Mmm hubby, I'm gonna coat your face in cum..."

"Let's coat everything in cum," Brask retorts, still licking his lips, and takes the hint to start jerking too. The nerond pulls his dark foreskin over his black tip in swift, light faps, making precum gush all over the floor. Ket smears his leaky pink tip over the nerond's wide lips as he coaxes his dick with slow, firm strokes and Brask's tongue slathers over the dripping wet turtle cock. The couple's huge bellies knead against each other as they build towards climax.

"Mmmm yes," Ket mutters with closed eyes and a greedy grin. He takes one of Brask's feet and sticks it in his cummy face to lick and sniff while the mage jerks all over his beak. Ket's finger returns to Brask's ass, slipping in with a fresh batch of pre and pressing deep into his prostate. "Cum, my hubby~" he commands, blushing uncontrollably, "I'm al... most... there..."

Brask's toes and legs curl up. "Y-yeah~ Cum, nuh, ngh, cum cannons~!" he yells, reaching his peak as his precum fountain becomes a fire hose of warm nerond cum all over Ket's face and the wall behind him, drenching it in whiteness. The turtle snaps his maw open wide, getting a beakful of the warm, salty, nerond gooeyness.

This is the catalyst for Ket. He jerks back his soft-scaled foreskin, and his body shakes with a load turtle groan as he returns fire, slinging fast white hot ropes of torty cum all over Brask's dark round face, the bed, and surrounding areas. "Hubby!" he cries.

"Ket, oh oh Ket~!" Brask says in between mouth clogging splurts as his cum dies down from a fire hose to a regular cum hose that soaks the mattress into a waterbed of turtle and nerond cum mixing together.

"Ahhhh~" Ket shivers and his heart races as his green hose sprays everything with white turtle semen. Meanwhile, his thick pink tongue shovels heaps of the opaque nerond cum into his mouth with hearty gulps. "Mmm..."

Brask just pants, nearly passing out from tiredness and cumming enough to leave the room dripping with sloppy cum. "Glad you had several gallons of fun too, hubby," he winks with a sleepy smile, "just need to clean it with a few greedy swipes of my toony tongue."

Ket drains the last of his sack after a long orgasm, leaving Brask's tongue to clean the cum off his tired face. "Oh my~ I had a great time, my love," Ket says with a serene smile. He rests a moment, then helps Brask turn around so he can give him a cummy kiss.

Brask returns the sloppy kiss with one of his own before nuzzling his smiling face into his soaking wet pillow. "Nmumn, Ketycakes."

"Let's do that nap now," Ket concludes, holding his hubby in his arms atop a sea of cum.

"Mmmkays, nighty night my cum cannon," Brask whispers lovingly before nodding off.

"Heheh you too, Brask. Thanks for being so sexy," Ket says happily as his voice trails off in a diminuendo. "Have sweet dreams, my hubby."

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