Nerond sandwich
Art by Cybermananon
!G 05 2014 Brask Cybermananon_(artist) nerond nerond_(male)


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A new commish from Cybermananon. =} Thank you!


This was based on an art idea I had titled "Nerond shower room". Info is as follows:

Original description

Brask getting fucked by two other nerond guys in a shower room. One is taller and thinner; the other is shorter and fatter (keep in mind nerond structures). The position could be something like the pose in the top left here.

Short, fat nerond has shorter/squat head and a short but large fat body, like Cartman or something. Also big nipples.

Tall, thin nerond has more muscle tone and big feet with longer toes. He'll be over four "heads" tall (whereas Brask is just over three "heads" tall).

Try to give the three men different shades of dark grey to black skin for variety. Also, there should be cum/pre-cum/cumshots for everyone as appropriate.

Optional extra ideas

A bukkake session may be more fun.

Backstory: Not everyone thinks so highly of Brask's position as an arkmage, especially when they suspect him of being gay. After a physical training session at the academy one afternoon, he gets an unexpected surprise in the locker room shower.

A certain little black mage (Vivi) in the background, watching the arkmage and his companions with wide bright eyes and a lil hand ready to jerk~

Maybe some shower water too, to show off the character's curves, since it might be hard to tell one character from other (despite the outlined body build notes).
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