Braskitu (Brask & Lakitu)
Art by UTX-ShapeShifter (sketch) & Famfrit (ink/color)
!G 08 2013 Brask Braskling Famfrit_(artist) Lakitu Mario_(series) UTX-ShapeShifter_(artist) koopa nerond


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main image
I'm a bit of a fan of UTX's depictions of cocks, so I decided to commission him and his pal, Famfrit. This commission took two of my favorite characters — that pretty much have no business being together — and smooshed them together in a big-ass fountain of jizzzzz. It came out pretty good!

I appreciate the many revisions the artists did for me when I felt something was off about the image. That's true customer service! Thanks, Famfrit and UTX!

P.S. Check the source link for the high-res version!
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