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If this edit seems a bit out of place, that's because I started it six years ago and left it unfinished until this month. Honestly, the amount of work remaining was not even that much, but I still spent enough time to make this as nice as I could.

Divulging on my recent activity, I had taken a vacation and intended to get several unfinished drawings done, but regrettably forgot to bring the pen for my tablet. The picture you see here was the only thing I was able to complete, since I could get away with using only the mouse to do it. (And to think, that's how I used to do most of my art!)

Anyway, onto the topic of this picture itself. The original was first posted on ch.9 (an old Japanese image board featuring Pokemon smut) many moons ago. In the original version, Gengar had neither genitalia nor fluids emitting therefrom, though (oddly enough) Koffing had a dick (as seen here) and was adorned with small streams of saliva/precum/whatever.

"Gengar with no dick?" I said. "This will not do!" And I gave him a cock and balls. And cum too. I decided to keep a similar style of dick as Koffing for consistency, even though I typically prefer a more humanesque style penis.

Yeah, so nothing really special, but I figured I'd spend an hour or two and finally kick this one out into the interwebs.
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ProjectD: I'm glad to see you back. I was wondering what was going on.

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Ket-Ralus: Thanks. I actually have a bunch of stuff in progress, but I'm usually too busy/lazy to draw. I really have to force myself to pick up the pen and start drawing. It's not something I get much out of too often.

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ProjectD: I hope to see more!

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Ket-Ralus: You will. Eventually. Thanks for sticking around. ;}

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ProjectD: Of course :)