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I have plans to start a fandom/movement for the appreciation of short characters (of adult age), and I need help coming up with a name for it.

The codename is the "Demi movement" (from the Greek word meaning "half"), but I want something with less of a negative connotation, and something that pops better.

Name ideas:
- "Shortierotica" (got a couple votes going for it!)
- "Demiamo", a combo of Demi- (Latin "dīmidium" = "half") and Amo (Latin "amor" = "love").
- "Kogara" 小柄 (short; alt)
- "Seihi" 正比 (abbrv. proportional) also "Hikui" 低い (short)
- [something else simple like "furry"/"fur" or "scaly/scaley"]

It's difficult because I'm trying to do a word that doesn't get mixed up with implying under-aged characters. We already have "shota"/"loli"/"cub" from that. Furthermore, being underage, or even small for that matter, doesn't necessarily mean a character has the proportions of a shorter person.

As for a symbol, I think this Vitruvian Man homage (work in progress) would be a fitting icon for the movement, though I'm unsure if I want to keep Brask as the exact face of the movement.

I think that's all I can say for now. Please let me know your thoughts on this matter! =}
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Ket-Ralus: I moved some comments here: >>10197 I appreciate the compliments and discussion about my art, but please keep the comments on this image related to the topic I've detailed above! =}

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ProjectD: Anthropakia.

Greek for "little people".

Other than that, O like Hikui.

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Ket-Ralus: Anthropakia sounds neat. Thanks for helping out! =}

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ProjectD: Yup. :)

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Ket-Ralus: Another good one, if doing Japanese, might be "Kobito" (小人) which also means "little people". A Google image search on the Japanese characters shows results a lot closer to what I'm going for here. Though searching for the word in Latin characters shows some rather ugly characters.

cth suggested "dwarfies", "minis", and "fun-sized" (or variations). I think those are nice simple-sounding names.

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Ket-Ralus: OK, I've started forming the group but it's unannounced until I have the images ready:

"Shortierotica" and "minis" are the terms I decided to use, but the naming is still open for discussion. I'll post a journal about it there when the group's officially announced.

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ProjectD: Alright then.