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!K 04 2013 @KetRalus Astal WIP


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This is a picture I started two years back and left to collect dust until cleaning it up a couple months ago and finally signing off on it today. Despite all the time I put into it, I no longer care about this piece, which is why I didn't color it. I don't remember why I gave him the stupid-looking pose/expression that he has here. Anyway, I just wanted it to a point I could get it off my back. While I have no plans to continue work on this picture, I do have an idea for a new picture featuring Astal, should I get around to it:

Cleverly titled "Astal's Asshole", this new picture would feature a view of Astal's big asscheeks spread wide and possibly fucked by something that doesn't obstruct much of the view (Geist?). Astal would be positioned prone with his arms shackled above. The soles of his feet would face the viewer, and each foot would have 4 toes (featuring more pleasing overall proportions) spread wide. His balls and dick would obviously be visible, and he would be shooting cum down below. Alternatively, he could be flat on the ground, and his dick would only be visible in an insert, showing it blowing a load into the area between the ground and his belly.
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ProjectD: I like the plan.