Brask & Marvin 69
Art by Nazuu-m0nster (ink/color), Ket Ralus (sketch)
!K 01 2013 @Ket-Ralus @Nazuu-m0nster Brask Braskling Looney_Tunes Marvin_the_Martian alien nerond obscured_face

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You may remember the Brask & Marvin 69 sketches from 2008 (>>10242 & >>10243). This is the finished version of the "Y" variation. I progressed the sketch further along, and then had Nazuu-M0nster ink and color it as part of a special commission.

Nazuu did an amazing job bringing my mental vision to fruition even from the first pass. I only had to shoot it back to Nazuu for some small tweaks once, and then did a couple of my own after the fact.

I'm glad to see this picture finished, glad to see more Marvin the Martian porn (and have a role in its creation), and even more pleased to deal with Nazuu-M0nster once more. Thank you! =}
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