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Pair with Deku Link.
Uploader Ket-Ralus,
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- Reply
lomby: ^All my YES'.

... If you ever wounds, end-up doin' it, per say,
that would be quite s'well,
as I have *always* found the Deku's mouths themselves, to be p e r f e c t for fellatio 'n' blowjobs. :>

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Ket-Ralus: I'd still like to do this someday... or have it commissioned. Cute woody creatures going at it. =9

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: Woody and stiffy indeedilydoo!

Quite the log of a load too, dare/d I imagine so intiMATE,

and too, be I certain curious, as to who/m be attending to whose's aroused "DekuStick", and fondle feely-felt of them tender "DekuNuts"? ;9

... Skully 's, of-course, the boner boy on-top, should I guess [so] in my gave gander,
buuuuuut, I'm suuree he's a friskyfresh, friendly "fiend" enough, as to give our splintered-split woodly-bud Link a received reach-around, at-the-least, hrrmmm? :d

... Wood on Wood, (hefty and heavy), [grinding girths],
and dem dez nuts, be nuzzled touchin' nudgin'; - >totally gay< therefor - and *I'm lovin' IT*, in my maturely murrin' mind~ <3

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Ket-Ralus: Excellent~ And thanks for the positioning ideas, naturally. =}

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lomby: >//> Hehehe, I, ah, didn't actually intend really, to neither inspire nor give ideas, as I simply spoke my mind, on [mature] matters, as it came forth flooded;

- BUT I am however flashly flattered, that you interpreted it all as such, and came to feel it worth/while, of a few good things come-tempted, such as posings and positions, of hornyporny. :)

(aaalsooo, as I wrote my last latest post ^up there^ above, I had this these few nicely naughty >floraphilic thoughts< whose which tempted me, as I wrote about dem Deku neato-nuts 'n' stiff-sticks --- buuut they be kinda kinky, too of quirky, to speak surely, dare I say...) :b