Ket, Brask, & Fate
Art by Wolfblade (Flat Colors by Ket Ralus)
!G 09 2012 @Ket-Ralus Brask Fate Ket Wolfblade_(artist) nerond tortavi


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This is the first of two pictures Wolfblade drew for me in a "Halfstream" (half of a "Slavestream") from a few weeks ago, which consisted of 2.5 hours where Wolfblade drew basically anything I asked for. This picture's theme revisits that of a couple sketches elsewhere on my site (>>10400 & >>10244). Essentially, Ket gets flexible and jizzes in his own beak while Brask & Fate add their special sauces into the mix. The positioning is a bit different than the other versions because of certain things I asked for and Wolfblade's own cautious realism for positioning. Overall, I think it came out great. Brask's taller than usual, but the way his balls rest on Ket's ass cheek is a very nice touch.

I still don't have a good rendering of this concept in which Brask/Fate interact with Ket's asshole (by rimming, fingering, and/or fucking) and/or make out with each other. I'm reluctant to give up on the notion, but I think I'll wait at least a few years before having someone have another go at it. =P

Anyway, enough rambling. Thanks for the art, Wolfblade! =}

P.S. Hi-res version in source link!
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ProjectD: This is a picture I enjoy.

Please forgive me for not going into deeper detail, I will later.

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Ket-Ralus: Hehe, that's fine. Just good to know my commissions are working out well for others also. ;}

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ProjectD: I've had a rough day, and this pic makes it
better. The expressions are cute and the feet are succulent.

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Ket-Ralus: Thanks for the input, and I'm glad this improved your day! =}