Hokus & Pokus
Art by Sony-Shock
!G 08 2012 @Sony_Shock Hokus_Pokus Troddlers_(series)


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For my second shot of Sony-Shock, I asked for Hokus & Pokus, the two playable mages from the game Troddlers. Sony's drawing turned out even more explicit than what I had in my description, and I wouldn't have it any other way. ;}

This picture is a little unique in that, unlike most drawings and commissions on my site, it actually has a full background. I felt it was fitting to have an environment true to the style of the game, and Sony delivered.

Thanks for everything, Sony-Shock!

P.S. I'm no longer going to be posting multiple sizes of an image. From now on, it'll only be the highest quality version. However, if for some reason you need me to resize one of these images for you, let me know.
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