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Mudokons are greenish-blue beings, with turtle-like facial features and three fingers on each hand. Mudokons are known to have evolved from birds, thus, explaining their agility, frail bone structure, and feather-like hair. Mudokons have the ability to alter their skin-tone to reflect their current mood. For example: angered Mudokons turn a reddish hue, overjoyed (or "slap-happy") Mudokons turn yellow/green, and depressed Mudokons turn a shade of gray-ish/blue. Mudokons come from eggs produced by the Mudokon Queen, Sam. Mudokons are also known to live a lifespan of roughly 40 years. In addition, they are the only species in Oddworld to bear the closest resemblance to humans.

Find out why they went from having 4 digits to 3 digits.