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!K 03 2012 @Ket-Ralus WIP Zool Zool_(series) alien goblin masked ninja


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A sketch churned out over spare moments the past few days. I'd like to turn this into a Flash animation sometime in the future, but I have lots of other things to do first.

(Updated with a slightly higher resolution version on 2016-05-23.)
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lombs: Love it, Ket, especially that expression of his!

I always adored that about you; how you seem to make such deliciously pornographic imagery of such "odd" characters, like Zool here. It's a rare thing these days, since more "standard/ normal" characters are all the rage, and not the odd[ly sexy] ones. Of course, I share similar sentiments such as yourself, as made obvious by my mature art for Cool Spot, that fungi guy, and more. In short; you make me very happy. (:

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Ket-Ralus: Hehehe. =} The expression is definitely not one I'm used to seeing on him, but I wanted to do something that demonstrated emotion. But yes, I like odd little characters like Zool. Just an attraction of certain proportions and features.

Anyway, glad you like it, lombs. Thanks for the comment!

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lombs: You're welcome, Ket! You got great taste ~ ;)