Ket & Brask Valentine 2012, for temp_anon
Art by Ket✦Ralus
!K 02 2012 @Ket-Ralus Brask Braskling Ket Valentine nerond tortavi


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Brask and Ket entwine in a moment of passion as a magical device links the two anally. With its power, they are able to feel each other's physical sensations for twice the pleasure while they meld together as one. Here's to my lovey-dovey Brask/temp_anon. <3

This was this year's Valentine picture! Technically, it was still late, since it was finished a few hours past the end of Vday, but my boyfriend seemed to think the extra time was worth it. =} I feel this is pretty good for going from start-to-finish in 9 days. Due to the time constraints, some details didn't make the cut. Alternatively, some things were exaggerated (e.g. location of anuses). I still need to keep practicing heads and faces along with other anatomical aspects, but I got a lot more art lined up that needs to be drawn, so I hope to put my best foot forward!
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ProjectD: Hey! Sorry for not commenting lately, I've had phone problems, and the site wouldn't let me log in.

I hope to see more pieces like this, and improve my own!

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Ket-Ralus: Glad to see you back! =}

What errors was my site giving you? If it happens again, e-mail me so I can take a look at it and get your account fixed ASAP!

Thanks for the compliment on the art and, hey, I'd like to see some of the stuff you're working on when you have some time. ;}

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ProjectD: Well, when I would try to log in, the site would take me to a page that would tell me that I need to log in before viewing my profile stats. >:[
Sometimes when I do log in, every other page would say that I wasn't logged in.

(Infact, that just happened when I tried to post this. The site would say that anonymous posting has been disabled.)

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Ket-Ralus: Do you have any problems with cookies and/or logins with other sites? I'm only asking because I couldn't think of what the problem might be. I've never had these issues, and it seems like if my site had an issue, it would be affecting me as well.

A couple things you could try are changing your password here and/or clearing your cookies. Pass that, the best thing to do would be contact me via e-mail/IM if it happens again where you're unable to comment.