SC018 - MarineDevimon, for Fandramon
Art by Ket✦Ralus
!K 01 2012 @KetRalus Digimon MarineDevimon


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This was a challenging and yet somewhat rewarding commission to draw, as it forced me to draw a style of character completely different than what I'm used to. Actually, the biggest challenge was figuring out how a guy with arms longer than his entire body was supposed to jerk off. I had to use some foreshortening magic to hide most of his arms in the background (hopefully it worked). The claws were another sticking point, but I was allowed by the commissioner to get cartoony and bend them some.

Due to the level of detail and the amount of time invested in this character, it doesn't have the color depth like most of the other sketch color commissions, but hopefully it still comes across as nicely fleshed out.

This might be my final sketch color commission in this style. Going forward, I'd like to have inks on my finished pieces. We shall see how it all plays out... ;}
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