Hypno, for Dreamous
Art by Ket✦Ralus
!K 01 2012 @KetRalus Hypno Pokemon


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Ket-Ralus: Hypno, for Dreamous

This was drawn at FC last week with traditional media, and colored tonight in PS. Keeping with tradition, I drew something for Dreamous. This year, it is my only drawing for the entire con.

Before starting this, I showed Dreamous a list of my preferred characters to draw, and we decided on Hypno. Dreamous has a list of fetishes so long, they actually fill up a physical sheet of paper. From that list, I took as many that I liked and were applicable to a one-character Hypno pic.

I kinda went crazy with the ink shading since I'd often use it to camouflage inking mistakes. I over shaded the cum on Hypno's nose (heh, "no's nose"), so I corrected it with whiteout. I decided to use that on his own cum as well. I used yellow highlighter to color the piss, but I ended up having to recolor it in Photoshop anyway since I needed to get rid of the blue pencil markings in the background. Nevertheless, it looks very much the same.

Thanks to Dreamous for the kinky ideas and the scan of my finished work. =}

P.S. I think this is my first watersports picture. How well do you think I rendered the urine?