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Ket-Ralus: Started this one last month and made a lot of progress. I still hope to finish before the end of the year.

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Ket-Ralus: Here's the original description of this for my later reference:

"Hokus / Pokus (Troddlers) - Pokus fucking Hokus. Keep robes on but show off round tails, asses, feet, balls, cocks, bellies, and (if not too much of a stretch) moobs. Maybe some kissing if possible. Socks and undies. Discarded shoes. Blocks in BG near the box in Divinius's closet."

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lombs: Heh, you know Ket, having accidentally stumbled upon this, gotta say, it's pretty hot,
even thought I'm not familiar with their material. Love the whole "chubbiness" feel to it...
It seems we both have a similar taste for such! ;)

Although, it feels a bit odd, considering how detailed their "naughty bits" are, in contrast
to their generally simplistic appearance, and overall design. Have you ever considered doing
more simplistic genitals, for simpler characters? Just a suggestion, bud. =)

But, then again, we all love us some [well-drawn] cocks and balls!

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Ket-Ralus: I don't know how you seem to stumble on my art by accident. It's all in one place and it probably only takes like 5 minutes to look at all the thumbnails for my entire collection. =P

Yeah, these are small guys and I felt it'd be good to make them chubby under their robes. I like curves! Of course this picture needs a lot of changes made when I get back to it.

As far as detail on genitals, that's a multi-answer subject:

1)Generally speaking, genitals have more detail than the rest of the body. See >>10653 (ignoring hair/moles) or >>10654 (low res picture, but still detailed). The penis and balls will have more wrinkles and contours than any other part of the body except likely the head, hands, and feet.

2)I plan to tone down the vein-ness on these cocks. It was something I tried, and I don't think it works. Like you said, it kinda detracts from the simple features.

3)I try to add as much detail anywhere while still keeping proportions and overall style simple. It's a delicate balance, and sometimes I'm limited by skill, understanding of anatomy, or simply chance (things don't always work out how I plan them).

4)Aside from the characters' faces, the genitals are the biggest focus point, so naturally I'm going to try to make them look as well drawn as possible. That's my style. I like the cock to stand out at as something real. One thing that peeves me in art is when an otherwise good picture has a really lackluster cock. E.G. this picture. Look at how dull and featureless that penis is. If it was taken out of context, I'd barely even be able to tell it was supposed to be a male organ. So yeah, I draw the corpus spongiosum, and the frenulum, and the foreskin because they are parts of the penis, and I love the penis!

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lombs: Hah, such great answers, Ket! You're so much fun. :d

I definitely agree with you on all appointed accounts, and yeah, that penis is... lackluster, to say the least. Even when I go with more simplistic penile designs ( for example; ) I try to make it look good, yet match the character... And balls! It doesn't make sense in all contexts, but I love balls, so everything M-rated I draw tend to have 'em! xD

There's sometimes I make a deviation from this formula, but I prefer not to. Makes it more sexier, imo. Gives the viewer somethin' more to fondle, you know? ;)

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Ket-Ralus: Yeah, balls are definitely a must for me! Though I think I already covered that in a previous discussion elsewhere on my site. Good points, and thanks for commenting, as usual! =}

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lombs: You're welcome, Ket! =)