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Ket-Ralus: SC012 - Impmon's taste of blood, for Asmo
Image Post Date (GMT): 2011-05-18 20:20:16
Image GUID: 2011/05/k7_20110518a_s_impmon_taste_of_blood_for_asmo.png

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Ket-Ralus: SC012 - Impmon's taste of blood, for Asmo
Post Date (GMT): 2011-05-18 20:38:19

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Ket-Ralus: [gallery]


Impmon licks blood off a finger while masturbating, just as the commissioner ordered! I decided to go with a different angle, expression, cropping, and palette* from previous pictures to convey an uneasy feeling; also for variety. I slightly desaturated Impmon's colors to give more contrast to the blood. This is my first time drawing blood, and I may have made it too shiny, but hey, I gotta start somewhere.

*This picture was completed a week ago, before I had even started work on <a href="">SC010</a> (I even used the colors from this one in that one). I've held off posting this since I've been trying to get feedback from Asmo, but she's been busy with school, which is understandable. It seems she may edit this to create a version with even more blood, but as far as we're concerned, this is done. Thanks for the business, Asmo!

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Ket-Ralus: Version 2 (extra blood): >>10517