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Ket-Ralus: Jumba's Experiment Chain
Art by local-shop
Image Post Date (GMT): 2010-09-13 03:08:58
Image GUID: 2010/09/local-shop_2010_jumba_experiment_chain__stitch.png

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Ket-Ralus: local-shop commissions: Jumba & Stitch, Dexter, Smurfs
Post Date (GMT): 2010-09-13 04:10:31
Progress History: A: 2010-09-11 finished.
B, C: 2010-09-12 finished.

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Ket-Ralus: [gallery]


<strong>Art by <a href="">local-shop</a>.</strong>

<h3>A. "Jumba's Experiment Chain"</h3>
local-shop (Vee) wrote a lengthy explanation of the scene, which I've cuntpasted here:
<blockquote>Frequently Jumba Jookiba has to give his more intelligent experiments time to romp or their energy will grow erratic and break their containment units. He puts the lab on lock down and releases them in pairs in sealed off areas, using synthetic hormones to induce mating. The experiments have no gender per se, but some have 'outputs' while others have 'inputs', so to speak. While mating, partnered randomly, the experiments are occupied and when they are through tend to be more docile. Jumba has often watched these couplings, sometimes furtively, with detached scientific interest.. sometimes intently, almost longingly. He soon takes to watching more actively as his experiments mate, groaning as they groan, soaking his hand in overstimulated bliss often long before they are through with one another. He has practiced this method of 'cooling down' his experiments for quite some time and tonight he releases 624 and 626 for coupling. The air is thick with pheromone and after experimentally sniffling at each others genitals as they grow aroused. 626 mounts 624 and they begin. Perhaps it is just that Jumba has never noticed it before, but their mating is particularly intense. They seem so knowledgeable, he thinks. They hold back with one another, teasing, then letting loose to overwhelm. The scientist sees them kiss often, their eager tongues entwining between mouths that can't quite meet for a lack of proper lips. The wet sounds make him throb. He has an idea. Jumba strips down, using the pheromone on himself, and releases 501 and 523. Entranced by the pheromone, they begin to rub up against Jumba. 501 flops onto his belly, wrapping stubby legs around Jumba's cock and grinding up against it. 523 finds Jumba's backside more interesting, and nuzzles his face up against it, lapping an icy tongue against the tight pucker of his ass. Jumba squirms and groans at the sensations, feeling an overwhelming surge of confidence. Why hadn't he thought of his sooner.. He commands the computer to release 149 and 625, and he gathers the two into his arms. They are rendered almost drunk by the sexual chemicals, and Jumba by turns kisses them both and watches them kiss one another. Still, what he TRULY wants is to kiss 626, who is still busily mating with 624. He places the smaller experiments on his shoulders, where they continue to kiss and soon begin to pleasure themselves. More orally fixated than he'd like to admit, he reaches out to grasp 626 by the scruff of his neck and lifts him up, dragging 624 along with him. Their legs wrapped around one another, the two can't separate. 626 is not aggressive.. He is in a trance of pleasure, and when Jumba slips his tongue out and fills the newest creation's mouth with it, the diminutive blue creature mewls and reciprocates eagerly, licking and sucking Jumba's thick tongue. 624 grasps at 501's claws and begins to kiss the lava experiment, not caring who stimulates her mouth, only that she is kissed. Oddly acrobatic, 501 holds up 624 who holds up 626 who longingly kisses his creator. Jumba buries his nose in 626's fur, inhaling deeply, kissing his eager, dangerously toothy mouth..</blockquote>

Vee's setup for this picture grew out of an idea which I conceived back around 2004. It has been too long to recall the specifics, but I believe that incarnation had Jumba and three experiments linked cock-to-mouth like a chain. Vee created something much more elaborate, with a bad-ass mini-story, and a loverly coloring job to top it off. Jumba's dick is so juicy, and the kissing session between Jumba and Stitch is both sweet and hot. It's great that this was rendered by someone with an appreciation of the characters. Thanks!

<h3>B. "Dexter Tries <del datetime="2010-11-03T18:56:46+00:00">Mandrake's</del><ins datetime="2010-11-03T18:56:46+00:00">Mandark's</ins> Ass Toy"</h3>
That's my lame title, not Vee's, but I wanted to go with something more descriptive. The actual title is "KET COMMISSION 2~". It's worth noting this couldn't be posted on Fur Affinity, due to being shota. I still like it. =}

<h3>C. "Smurfs' Dual Footjob"</h3>
Two things we need more of in porn! Vee opted to go with a colored sketch here to preserve the verve of her pencils. Mmm, thick, squirting cocks. <3 Very nice.

There are still four more pictures that Vee is working on for me (expect to see Ket, Brask, and Fate!). Thanks for everything, Vee!

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temp_anon: Mmm, looks like the only image I haven't commented on is the Stitch one. Well, for good reason, since I don't know diddly about it franchise. What I do know is poses and situations I like, and I love the idea of a nice big guy getting crawled all over and loved up by a lot of little lovers.

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Ket-Ralus: Yeah I agree it is a pretty cute situation. =}

I have another picture to post today (a few days late). I've been delayed by distractions and some technical difficulties from my computer (shakes fist at Gigabyte).

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temp_anon: Gigabyte! Ohhhh, and I jsut got rid of Hexadecimal!

Anyways, glad you got that image done, can't wait to see what it is~

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Ket-Ralus: Not that Gigabyte, <a href="" rel="nofollow">this one</a>. Though I did think about ReBoot after I posted the comment!

The image I'm about to post is another of local-shop's drawings. Unfortunately, I'm still not done with the commission I'm working on...

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temp_anon: Ah geez, a legit hardward problem. =S Luckily, the most I've had to contend with is an overheated graphics card, although the HD failed on my older laptop, but it didn't have anything important.

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Ket-Ralus: It was only a minor hardware problem, fortunately. One I quickly resolved today. =}

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Legion: Is that dexter from dexters labrotory... i have not watched that show in years :)

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Ket-Ralus: Yes, it is! Come to think if it, it's been quite a while since I've seen it as well.

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imagoth2004: Yes! There needs to be more Dexter porn, but I think the smurfs one is my favorite out of all of them.

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Ket-Ralus: I like seeing porn of Dexter because he's a really short, stylized character. Though I think I've reached my fill of porn on him for the time being.

As for the other pic you mentioned... is your fav part the footjobs, the Smurfs, or both? For me, it's both. =}

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Mr_Ankerman: I love Jumba's body! It's so sexy! you drew him well!

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Ket-Ralus: I'll make sure to pass that on to local-shop. Thanks for commenting!