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Ket-Ralus: Ket Blush Badge
Art by hobbpanda
Image Post Date (GMT): 2010-06-10 20:57:31
Image GUID: 2010/06/hobbpanda_2010_ket_blush_badge.jpg

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Ket-Ralus: Ket clean art by hobbpanda and Ferality Illustration
Post Date (GMT): 2010-06-10 21:26:50
Progress History: A. Start-to-finish on 2010-06-05. Posted to FA by Hobb on 2010-06-06.
B. Posted to FA by Fera on 2010-06-08.

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Ket-Ralus: <a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="Ket Blush Badge" width="150" height="150" class="size-thumbnail wp-image-2767" /></a><a class="additional-thumbnail" href=""><img src="" alt="" title="Ket on a Moonlit Hill" width="150" height="150" class="size-thumbnail wp-image-2768" /></a><a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="Ket on a Moonlit Hill (HQ)" /></a>


<h3>A. "Ket Blush Badge" by <a href="">hobbpanda</a></h3>
While at Califur, I found Hobb sitting at a table and offering to draw badges for free. I took him up on the offer and he produced a cute badge for me! I think it's adorable how Ket is blushing and emoting a little heart. It was interesting to watch Hobb watercolor by using a special brush that contains the water inside of it. Thank you, Hobb, for the lovely art. =}

<h3>B. "Ket on a Moonlit Hill" by <a href="">Ferality Illustration</a></h3>
I commissioned Fera for a picture of Ket, but let her decide what he would actually be doing. I had no idea what to expect; I didn't even know if it were to come out clean or explicit. However, the result is adorable. <3 I really love the scenery and the colors she used for Ket's clothing*. The atmosphere is so peaceful and soothing. Many thanks, Fera! =D

<ins datetime="2010-06-11T00:50:34+00:00">EDIT: I've added a high quality version of Fera's pic. It's useful if you want to make desktop wallpaper out of it, like It did. ;}</ins>

<span class="footnote">*(even though I told her my favorite colors ahead of time)</span>

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temp_anon: D'aww, wonder what Ket's thinking in the hill image.

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Ket-Ralus: He thinks about his surroundings: the dark sky speckled with stars and a lone looming moon, the vastness of the dim grass ahead of him, the cool, complacent air lightly chilling his face and extremities, the soft, rugged grass against his underside, the scent of nature and unexplored lands. He thinks about his freedom and where the next day's journey may take him. He thinks about a love waiting out there just for him. He smiles because there's so much to live for.

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temp_anon: Man, he's got a lot on his plate. Must be stressful sometimes...

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Ket-Ralus: Ket thinks about many things at all times, but he tries to stay relaxed when he can. I think this is one of the more peaceful moments for him.