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Ket-Ralus: k7_20090910a_p_female__achelthym_nerond
Image Post Date (GMT): 2009-09-11 06:49:36
Image GUID: 2009/09/k7_20090910a_p_female__achelthym_nerond.jpg

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Ket-Ralus: female
Post Date (GMT): 2009-09-11 06:59:43

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Ket-Ralus: [gallery]


Hi, Blue! Here's some vagina for you. Just <em>try</em> leaving my site. I dare you! XD

OK, so, WOW! Breasts and vaginas! I was actually very excited to do this practice. For one reason, females are a subject that I've essentially never drawn. But for a more important reason, I wanted to draw females of my Achelthym and Nerond species (of which Ket and Brask are members, respectively). I hope my anatomy is not too bad. There are more things I modified than just the sex organs while trying to make these characters appear feminine. For example, the Achelthym's eyes are placed further apart, and the Nerond's eyes have visible irises. Both of the girls* here also have lashes and wider hips, etc. I wanted to give the Nerond a hat since she looks a bit odd being so bald, but given the position she's in, it would have obstructed her "important parts". By the way, I know her pose is a bit too symmetrical, and I know I copied her left foot from Brask's model sheet; I was being <strong>lazy</strong>.

*(wow, that's a term that's weird for me to mention when talking about my art, lol)

Anyway, I had fun doing this. Dicks will always be my top priority, but it's good to experiment every once in a while. =}

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Tsukari: Why is there a vagina, my eyes, they hurt D:

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Ket-Ralus: If you look at the actual picture (rather than the thumbnail), there are <em>two</em> vaginas! Just go pour bleach in your eyes, I'm sure that will make it all better. =}

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BlueVmon: I haven't been on the site much the last few weeks because of my boyfriend visiting. What do I come back to? Vaginas! Without me around everyone turns into ikky straight people x.x

You make a horrible female, never do this again. XD;

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Ket-Ralus: Awww. I thought my females were pretty decent for a first try. Guess that means I have to practice drawing them more! XD

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BlueVmon: UGH NO &gt;<: *clings*

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The_Unknown_Variable: OMG Va Jay Jay...haven't been here in a while and I scroll down and see this...and if you click the pink one you get tranny power Ket and tranny power Brask WTF... what did they do find some rings and say Tranny powers activate! Form of a he

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Ket-Ralus: It may look that way, but I had no interest in doing anything "tranny" related. I was trying to expand upon the characters' two species and wanted to draw beings of the opposite gender. Nothin' wrong with that!

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The_Unknown_Variable: woop, someone got her ring today....