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Ket-Ralus: Future Tactics Creatures
Image Post Date (GMT): 2009-07-05 07:25:37
Image GUID: 2009/07/k7_20090705d_u_future_tactics_creatures.png

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Ket-Ralus: some 2007 stuff
Post Date (GMT): 2009-07-05 08:02:18
Progress History: 1~3. see PSDs
4. 2007-07-29 started

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Ket-Ralus: [gallery]


Still going through some 2007 stuff that I finally got off my ass to clean up and post. I don't have plans for finishing any of these.

<h3>1. Chef Pierre Nekid</h3>
In <em>Contact</em>, you meet Pierre immediately after arriving on La Chef Beach. He's completely naked except for this a frying pan covering his crotch. You can still see his bare ass and feet, which is hot. Too bad his sprite is so small. =3

I remember when I started drawing this, I was in an oC session, and I was in a bitter mood. I think that was mostly because the picture wasn't coming out quite how I wanted. Admittedly, the actual style of the character (in-game) is more chibi than how I drew him. In the end, I actually don't think it's too bad, especially with the fixes I just made to it.

<h3>2. Splork's Space Sex Toy</h3>
Hailing from the game <em>Peggle</em>, Splork is one of the masters (or whatever they're called). He carries around this thing that I guess is supposed to be a gun, maybe. I decided it would instead be a futuristic space sex toy, functioning like some penis-pump/Fleshlight hybrid.

<h3>3. Code Project mascot (& Brask)</h3>
The Code Project (also known as just "CodeProject") has this small green mascot. I think it's supposed to represent a pointer (in programming terminology), but I really have no idea. I just decided to draw porn of it. The last sketch has a cameo by Brask.

<h3>4. Future Tactics Creatures</h3>
I don't know if the Creatures have individual names in the game <em>Future Tactics</em> (it kinda sucked so I didn't play far, but the score by Tim Follin is great). However, the official website shows a variety of Creatures with slightly different designs, each with their own names and personalities. I guess the one I drew here is mostly based on the design of "Nathan". That works out, since he seems like the gay one anyway. The one thing he likes is "Carl", another one of the Creatures, and he even tries to prevent Carl from mutilating himself. Sounds like some deep shit for a video game.

Nathan has some pretty detailed features that could be considered grotesque, so I figured I'd also draw a "cuter" version down to the side.

I think the Creatures are all supposed to be the same color, but I saw some different colors used in various art pieces of them, so I figured I'd draw the sex scene with a little variety.

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imagoth2001: HAHA love the first one. But yeah it is a shame he has a small sprite. At least this pic did it justice.

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Ket-Ralus: I guess this character is not as obscure as I thought. Well, I'm glad you like the picture then. =}