Handy Assist
Art by BEFPraizy
!G 02 2009 BEFPraizy_(artist) Brask Braskling Ket nerond tortavi


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Here we see Ket hard at work on his and Brask's meatpoles. Brask is now leaking a bit, but Ket's going to have to pick up the pace to bring the two of them to climax. I can just tell that Brask is going to make a total mess on Ket's body.

I'm gracious to have Praiz draw gay porn for me when that's something he just doesn't do. Of course, money was involved, but I still feel lucky. He has drawn these two for me before, but it was in a much more innocent context. I like his style; a lot of that being the expressions he gives characters, the unique proportions, and the cartoony exaggerations.

My only instruction to Praiz here was to have Ket masturbating himself and Brask. I wanted to show that Ket has a big soft spot for Brask. Praiz came up with the awesome positioning, expression, and colors that perfectly suit the characters. It's obvious that he paid careful attention to the references I gave him while putting his own style first, which is what I generally look for in a commission. Thank you, Praiz!
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Ket-Ralus: Handy Assist
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