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Ket-Ralus: Radio Exile blue bag
Image Post Date (GMT): 2008-08-29 05:36:02
Image GUID: 2008/08/k7_20080829b_u_radio_exile_blue_bag.jpg

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Ket-Ralus: sack & bag
Post Date (GMT): 2008-08-29 05:52:59
Progress History: 1. 2007-04-22 started.
2. 2008-04-24 started.

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Ket-Ralus: [gallery]


I'm leaving on a trip for about 10 days, so before I pack my bags and haul ass outta here, I figured I'd give you a couple of them while I'm gone.

<h3>1. "Sackboy sketches"</h3>
I drew this over a year ago in an oC with Argon. I don't know why I waited so long to post it. But now that LittleBigPlanet's release is only two months away, I knew I better put this online before I get beat to the punch.

Despite the simplicity of these guys, I find them charming and unique. I would like to draw more porn of them; likely after the game is released.

<h3>2. "Radio Exile blue bag"</h3>
I honestly don't know what this thing is. It's the mascot of Radio Exile, some site I randomly stumbled upon back in April. It looks like a blue duffel bag with a face, arms, and tiny wings. I couldn't find any more information on it.

Anyway, at the time I saw the character, I had a strong craving to draw porn of it. I think that was just a one-night stand, because I didn't have any desire to work on it over the next 4 months, and I still don't. I spent some time tonight cleaning it up (my lines were super messy), but I doubt I'll touch this ever again.

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BlueVmon: LMAO, I love the zipper on his ass. XD; Great pics, I'd love to see more of these guys.

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Ket-Ralus: Thank you. Maybe after I get to play LBP, I'll be tempted to draw more!