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Ket-Ralus: Hex Positions (with Geosmin)
Image Post Date (GMT): 2008-08-09 06:23:17
Image GUID: 2008/08/k7_20080809a_argon_vile_geosmin_hex_positions.jpg

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Ket-Ralus: Hex Positions
Post Date (GMT): 2008-08-09 06:24:56
Progress History: 2008-07-27 finished.

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<h3>"Hex Positions (with Geosmin)" w/ Argon Vile</h3>
A couple weeks ago, Argon Vile and I tried out a new way to have fun with the Spore Creature Creator. We each made a character and then got in an oC session to draw them having dirty interspecies sex. Argon created Hex, the purple bird. I created Geosmin, the green frog. Argon did most of the drawing here, but I still did a couple sketches. We talked about doing the vote thing again, and he added all of the letters. However, he later decided that he didn't want to post this; letting me do it instead. I don't know if that means he wouldn't be willing to draw the results of a vote, but I highly doubt he'd ever let his fans down. If you like what you see, drop us a vote for your favorite position(s) and encourage us to draw it to its full potential!

Artist breakdown:
<strong>Argon Vile</strong>: <strong>B</strong>, <strong>C</strong>, <strong>D</strong>, <strong>A</strong>, <strong>F</strong>, <strong>G</strong>, <strong>H</strong>, <strong>L</strong>, <strong>M</strong>, <strong>Q</strong>, <strong>R</strong>, <strong>S</strong>, <strong>T</strong>, <strong>U</strong>, <strong>K</strong>, <strong>P</strong>, <strong>N</strong>.
<strong>Kinmotsu7</strong>: <strong>E</strong>, <strong>J</strong>, <strong>I</strong>, <strong>O</strong>.

By the way, I really wanted to post this yesterday for the cool '08-08-08 label, but shit happens.