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Ket-Ralus: Fate spit roast
Image Post Date (GMT): 2009-03-02 07:53:52
Image GUID: 2008/07/k7_20080702a_brask_ket_fate_spit_roast.png

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Ket-Ralus: Anthrocon 2008 art: Part 1 of 4
Post Date (GMT): 2008-07-02 23:30:13

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Ket-Ralus: [gallery]


Anthrocon 2008 was fun. My first time at AC, and my first visit to Pittsburgh. I'm not going to delve into details, but I was able to see some cool people that I rarely get a chance to, and I got a lot of good art drawn. There's so much stuff that I'm dividing it over four parts. Technically, there are less things from this con than there were when I got back from FC08. However, the overall quality of my own work is higher.

<h3>1. "Fate spit roast"</h3>
For AC08, I bought two new sketchbooks, which I will talk about further down. I wanted to start my <em>Original Characters</em> book off with some of my own characters. Who better than <a href="">Brask</a>, <a href="">Ket</a>, and <a href="">Fate</a>? <a href="">I mentioned the idea for this scenario before</a>, and rather than be a bitch and put it off even longer, I decided just to go for it. The end result isn't nearly as profound as I had dreamed it, but the concept is now on paper, which is better than a fleeting thought. Also of importance is that since the time I finished the previously linked Fate picture, I decided on what he would actually be. Fate is now officially a <a href="">Grey alien</a>. If you notice some changes to Ket's leg/foot design, they are intentional; I'm trying to make him more unique. I will likely talk more about it later.

<h3>2. "Shy Guys, for Dreamous"</h3>
Dreamous wanted a pile of Shy Guys, but I was only confident enough to give him two at this time. Nevertheless, the position filled all of my requirements: feet, foot rub, foot job, foreskin, ejaculation. It could have gone in either Dreamous' foreskin book or his feet book -- it went in the latter. <del datetime="2009-08-15T04:24:39+00:00">Hopefully I'll be able to draw something more wacky or ambitious for him at FC09.</del> <ins datetime="2009-08-15T04:24:39+00:00">Hopefully I'll be able to draw something more wacky or ambitious for him at the next con. ;}</ins>

<h3>3. "Lakitu" by Celestial</h3>
Unfortunately, Celestial couldn't make it to AC this year, so this picture isn't related to the con. However, on Thursday morning before I headed off to Pittsburgh, he whipped up this little beauty for me. Celestial is a sweet guy, and I am preparing some Hammer Bro stuff for him in return.

<h3>4. <em>Kinmotsu7's Book of Original Characters</em></h3>
I draw a lot of "Rule 34", but sometimes I need to tap into my creative side and play with my own creations. This new book is for original characters; either my own, or those of the artist drawing in it. The cover, decorated in silver paint pen and sealed with tape, has a simple yet eye-catching design. The concept of the crescent gear logo came quickly to me as I doodled in Photoshop. The gear and crescent represent the letters 'O' and 'C' in "Original Characters" respectively. Furthermore, the gear symbolizes innovation and labor, while the crescent moon symbolizes dreams and eroticism. The actual decorating part was a tedious couple of hours which peaked with my pen running low on paint.

<h3>5. <em>Kinmotsu7's Book of Rule XXXIV</em></h3>
I draw a lot of "Rule 34", so I need a place to put it all. I already have <em>Reptiles of the Mushroom Kingdom</em> for Koopa porn, but this new book is for all other copyrighted characters. The creatures within don't have to be obscure or virgins to the rule, but such occurrences are rather pleasing. The cover of this was decorated prior to the <em>Original Characters</em> book. If you look hard enough, you can see "Kinmotsu7" written in black Sharpie above "Book of Rule". I thought the roman numeral representation was a novel idea, until I got to AC and saw that Gami Cross (aka Dark_Nek0gami) had a t-shirt with the same thing printed on the back. Speaking of Gami, I tried to get him to draw in the book, but he wanted to do something that had no known porn, and couldn't think of anything good enough. ={

More parts of this journal series to come as I wait for scans to exchange between artists. Stay tuned.

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argon_vile: i didn't realize you put so much thought into the sketchbook cover design, that's cool!

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Ket-Ralus: Thank you! I didn't want any old random stuff to be on my sketchbooks, but I didn't want to risk anything too complex either. I'm satisfied with what I've done.

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Joseph8276: I love the shy guy's feet. they are sooo cute <3 I want to lick their feet <3

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Ket-Ralus: Hehehe, me too. =} I wanted the feet to look small and cute, and I think they came out well.

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Joseph8276: rawr <3