Kirby & Lucario, for Dreamous
Art by Ket✦Ralus
!K 02 2008 @Ket-Ralus Kirby Kirby_(series) Lucario Pokemon


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I wrote a big, long post but WordPress decided to save only the first sentence for some goddamn reason. Now it's all gone. I'll add the proper descriptions at a later time.

I drew in people's sketchbooks! Look:

<h3>1. "Kirby & Lucario, for Dreamous"</h3>
<ins datetime="2009-08-11T15:26:20+00:00">Fetish sketchbook drawing for Dreamous.</ins>

Dreamous came up with the scenario and also gave me some drawing tips. The direction and feedback helped me out. This picture plays into a couple different fetishes, so there is some exaggeration, but I like it. =}

<h3>2. "Aquacoon, for Aquacoon"</h3>
Aquacoon gave me his badge for reference, in which he is depicted in a chibi form, so I decided to try that style (even though his normal form is already short and cute enough). I felt like drawing a self-sucking picture at the time.

<h3>3. "Charmander, for Argon Vile"</h3>
I wanted to draw something for Argon and Charmander came to mind. I had never drawn a Charmander before so I decided to give it a shot. I can't say I was especially successful, but it was good practice. That muzzle is an oddity for me; I'll have to work on it.

<h3>4. "Donamer & Koopa Troopa, for Donamer"</h3>
Donamer wanted me to draw a Koopa Troopa doing the shuffle on his cock. I'm really a noob at drawing muscles, as you can see. Maybe it was just the odd angle I chose, but the whole picture came out sub-par, which is made worse by the fact that I spent most of a day on it. I threw in a humorous quote as an attempt to distract from the suckiness. I'll try to draw his character better next time.

<h3>5. "NaniMoose & Lakitu, for NaniMoose"</h3>
NaniMoose's character is cute, and I wanted to draw him with Lakitu to provide for an inside joke. While I was provided with front and back references, there were no side references, so it was hard for me to maintain the likeness. I know this is a really underwhelming picture, but I probably only spent an hour or more on this, as I didn't want to hog NaniMoose's sketchbook for too long when the end result would be inferior regardless. I'll have to do NaniMoose's character some justice one of these days.

Now that I've upgraded WordPress (as of Feb. 9th), maybe it will stop eating my posts.
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AnJLo: Since lucario is my favorite pokemon and i also like kirby i really like the first picture. Of course the others are also pretty great! Well done!

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Ket-Ralus: Thanks! Dreamous was responsible for making me draw this pairing, though I also like it much. =} I don't know when the next time will be that I draw Lucario, but I can bet I'll be drawing Kirby again within a year or two.
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Kirbyfootlover: Hey Ket I really like your art. It's awesome! I was wondering if you might consider drawing more barefoot Kirby? If so I would really like to see him in a similar fashion as your Fella (Deviantart guy) pic. :) I really love Kirby's feet they don't get much recognition, and your drawings of him made me smile.

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Ket-Ralus: Thanks much! =D I haven't drawn Kirby in years, and certainly nothing decent. I'd be down to give him a new and proper drawing, and barefoot he shall be. ;} Yes, I know it's debatable whether he's wearing red shoes or those red parts are his actual feet, but I'm more a fan of the possibilities of the first idea. I agree that >>10230 would be a fine model for such a drawing.

I'm glad you enjoy my work and even though I haven't been super active lately. I hope you stick around. =}
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Kirbyfootlover: Awesome news! You just made my day! :D
I will gladly stick around to see your brilliant art. :) I'm really excited now!

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Ket-Ralus: OK, just don't get too excited. =P It may be quite a long time before I can get around to doing it. I have a backlog of images I still need to finish.