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!K 10 2007 @Ket-Ralus Mario_(series) Shy_Guy WIP


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Ket-Ralus: Shy Guy color
Image Post Date (GMT): 2009-02-24 08:27:17
Image GUID: 2007/10/k7_20071016a_u_shy_guy_color.jpg

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Ket-Ralus: Shy Guy color (unfinished)
Post Date (GMT): 2007-10-16 07:45:46

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Ket-Ralus: [gallery]


<ins datetime="2010-02-17T07:19:23+00:00"><strong>NOTICE: The image above is the old, unfinished version. <a href="">Click here to see the new, finished version.</a></strong></ins>

This is my current progress on coloring that Shy Guy picture I drew on Friday (posted Saturday). The background is MIA, but it will be in the final picture. Let me know if I should add or change anything. I'd like to have this completed within the next couple days.

In other news, I apologize for the lack of updates this past week or so. Important stuff was going on. =} I should now be able to resume posting every day or two.

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argon_vile: cool color progress! i'd say if you're going to have the cock cast as shadow, you should have the mask and straps and stuff cast shadows too. i think they should all cast shadows, it's a good look. nice work!

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Ket-Ralus: Thanks for the feedback! I will have a shadow hoedown and make sure everything is casting them!