Skin and Bones
Art by Ket Ralus & argon vile
!K 02 2007 @Ket-Ralus @argon_vile bird_skeleton crocodilian


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"Skin and Bones" is a collab with Argon Vile, as done in openCanvas.

Argon describes this picture eloquently, so I'm going to use his quote here:

as my crocodile character lifts his bird character up and down, rubbing our dicks together, his feathery tail tickles against my balls and pushes me over the brink. aah! my semen strikes him in the head. deep down he is furious - but nonetheless he forgives me because that's what fuck buddies are for <3

Now for the artist breakdown: As previously stated (>>10087), I created the base design for the bird character, then Argon put his own spin on it; he also designed the croc. Yet for this picture in particular, Argon did just about all of the work on the characters -- let that be clear. I did do some sketch work on my character, but Argon had to correct most of it anyway. I spent the rest of the time working on the grass; it was a tedious process for me, but it turned out pretty well. Furthermore, I colored the sky and helped Argon fill in his trees. Perhaps my biggest contribution was the title (I mentioned the phrase in the oC chat, and Argon took to it).
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