Lakitu & Dry Bones
Art by Ket Ralus & argon vile
!K 02 2007 @Ket-Ralus @argon_vile Dry_Bones Lakitu Mario_(series) koopa


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"Lakitu & Dry Bones" is a collab with Argon Vile, as done in openCanvas.

Lakitu was trying to wheelbarrow fuck Dry Bones, but he was doing it all wrong. Dry Bones then shows Lakitu the right way to fuck. Unfortunately, Lakitu can't handle such a pleasurable pounding and shoots his load all over himself.
"Hey! Leave some cum for me, bitch!" Dry Bones growls.

While this is a collab, Argon did all of the good stuff (no surprise); I just touched a few things here and there. For the uninformed, this is the result of the Lakitu & Dry Bones position sketches (>>10085) that we both worked on the previous night.

Anyway, aside from giving a few ideas to Argon, I did do some art. I played the role of Reference Nazi for my character, Lakitu. I had to make sure his proportions and shapes stayed close to the original design. Of course, he's missing his shell, but I have creative license there (as well as for everything underneath). I worked a bit on the sketch for Lakitu's face, foot, and cock. I did most of the work on the blocks in the background, but by the end I was getting so nervous I'd screw something up, I felt like I had Parkinson's disease. Argon stepped in to save the day by finishing it up for me. I <3 Argon a lot, and hope to continue staying in his company. I'm sure a lot of hot pictures will come as a result. What a fantastic guy!
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