Rocky awaits you
Art by Ket✦Ralus
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Rocky is overwhelmed with passion and can no longer physically contain it. He sits on a bed of leaves at the base of a tree and awaits you to join him... What will be done, he leaves entirely up to you.

This started out as a rough digital sketch I made back in 2004. I recently designated it for clean up, because I thought it had some potential. But what began a few days ago as a simple ink job progressed into what you now see here. The pose is head-on and symmetrical only because that was what the original sketch looked like, but I decided to keep it that way through the inks and colors. The rough, sketchy background is a nice contrast to the clean, polished character art.

Big thanks to Argon Vile, Clarence T. Hare, and everyone else who provided feedback to make this picture even better!

Rocky (Manuke) is from the Pocky & Rocky series.

UPDATE: Dreamous was one of the people I asked for feedback from, and the thing he was most vocal about was the penis (this one). To sum it up, he preferred if it had an uncut or feral cock. I then came up with an idea. Rocky is a tanuki, and Clarence mentioned to me that in some folklore, tanuki are shapeshifters. In that case, it could be feasible that Rocky is able to shift the shape of his penis. I decided to appease Dreamous and other potential viewers by creating some cock variations (>>10080 & >>10081). Enjoy!
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