Art by Ket Ralus & argon vile
!K 01 2007 @KetRalus @argon_vile Churchy_LaFemme Pogo_(series) turtle


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argon vile and I got together in openCanvas to do what we love: to draw turtle porn. I wanted to flex my rights to rule #34, and decided that Churchy LaFemme needed some love. I sketched him out completely, and then Argon asked if he could join in. How could I refuse? He went from there with the inking and the coloring and the bippin' and the boppin'. I helped out a few tiny places with the inks and colors -- as well as provided references and other input throughout the process -- but Argon is what made this picture awesome; no lie. I kept this in full resolution, because that's how I roll (plus it has been cropped to 1000x1000; base 10 FTW).
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Tags !K 01 2007 @argon_vile @KetRalus Churchy_LaFemme Pogo_(series) turtle
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