Albert as Pogo's footstool
Art by CTH
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<a href=""><img src="" alt="Veemon, Impmon, Gabumon" title="Veemon, Impmon, Gabumon" width="150" height="150" class="alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-47" /></a><a href=""><img src="" alt="Veemon, Impmon, Gabumon (sketch)" title="Veemon, Impmon, Gabumon (sketch)" /></a><a class="additional-thumbnail" href=""><img src="" alt="Chozo" title="Chozo" width="150" height="150" class="alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-49" /></a><a class="additional-thumbnail" href=""><img src="" alt="Impmon" title="Impmon" width="150" height="150" class="alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-51" /></a><a class="additional-thumbnail" href=""><img src="" alt="Albert as Pogo's footstool" title="Albert as Pogo's footstool" width="150" height="150" class="alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-52" /></a>


Clarence T. Hare has drawn a lot for me, and this post further illustrates this fact. I don't know exactly when I originally put these pictures online, but based on a Fur Affinity journal entry I made, this is a close approximation.

<h3>1. "Veemon, Impmon, Gabumon" by Clarence T. Hare</h3>
Back in 2004, I read that Clarence T. Hare was accepting commissions, so I took him up on it. This picture is the result of that commission. Consequently, this is how I first came into contact with Clarence. The three in this picture are my favorite Digimon (at least appearance-wise). I like the thought of "tough guy" Impmon taking on a submissive role by being in the middle. It's always nice to see the softer side of a character. I have also provided the WIP sketch (EX) version.

<h3>2. "Chozo" by Clarence T. Hare</h3>
A Chozo relaxing in a creek. Who knows how he got there, but who cares. All anyone should be concerned with is what happens next (it should be easy to figure out). The character design is largely based on <a href="">this image</a>, which I believe is either from Metroid: Zero Mission or its manga. Clarence worked to add a good level of detail to the picture, and he also infused unique elements into the design.

<h3>3. "Impmon" by Clarence T. Hare</h3>
I was like, "draw Impmon", and Clarence was like, "k".

<h3>4. "Albert as Pogo's footstool" by Clarence T. Hare</h3>
A simple sketch of Pogo putting his feet somewhere Albert wasn't expecting. Characters: Albert Alligator and Pogo Possum.

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