Ket, Self-Fulfilled
Art by Ket✦Ralus
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Ket — second half of Set 4: Ket & Brask (2003-07-30 to 2006-09-09)

026: “Ket, Self-Fulfilled”**

**Originally posted 2006-09-09.


Ket is more limber than he looks — at least when it comes down to "self-fulfillment". Here we see him immediately following climax. He slides his mouth off of his semen-coated dick for a moment of relief; his maw still filled with seed. He hasn't swallowed...yet.

My first explicitly sexual drawing of Ket. I hate to admit it, since this is an old drawing, but I still find this hot. The positioning is just awesome. Tail in the ass, dick creaming in the mouth, feet in the air, and plump balls and buttocks in view. I wouldn't consider myself a narcissist, but I do like what I see. ;}

Of course, it's also now horribly off-reference, but that's inevitable. I am a bit curious though... I wonder if some of the older proportions are actually better for this pose? I suppose the only way to find out would be to draw my new model in this same pose. I've learned to force myself away from remaking pictures I've drawn (especially when my skill hasn't grown enough to make a big difference), but if I were to ever do such a thing again, it would be this. I'll restrain myself for the time being, however.

But coming back to this image, let's get technical. First off, this is not Ket's official color pattern, since I had not yet developed one at the time of this drawing. I felt that this image needed color, and this pattern was my favorite candidate at the time of coloring. How he would appear in future drawings was still up in the air.

This picture spent a long time in the making. I think I may have actually started this as early as September of 2003, but I didn't keep track back then. Truth be told, this image has endured a complete metamorphosis since its first draft. The only part that has gone largely untouched is the feet, since I really did a good job on those tootsies, especially for my level of experience at the time I drew them.

The face, starting out looking like "Ket Prototype", was later modified as an attempt to match the "Ket, Unveiled" redesign, and then redrawn from scratch proper when I visited Clarence in Feb. '06. The body, starting out looking like a complete disproportionate mess, underwent minor modifications during this state, until it was also redrawn from scratch at Clarence's. It was also at Clarence's that I decided to "loopback" the tail, rather than just having the anus exposed to the viewer with the tail hanging naturally.

As with the previous pictures, it started out with pencil & paper, and proceeded to Photoshop for clean-up, coloring, and other forms of detail. However, this time I added a background which was made from the resulting product of my bed and my camera, as well as some graphic filters.

Description written 2008-07-10 & 2009-08-04 and revised 2013-11-23.
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