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While I have no role in its creation, Clarence T. Hare gave me the original (physical) drawing back in 2004. This was one of my favorite pictures Clarence had drawn. The inclusion of Peppy and Slippy is what I like most.

Completed in 2002. Originally posted 2005-02-05. Description written 2008-07-10 and revised 2014-01-06.
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sexlord13: hey ket u shuld have clarence draw some fox mccloud and falco lombardi do some sex poses like the ass to ass one or even a 69 wuld spark a light in the starfox pictures

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Ket-Ralus: Maybe you could commission him yourself. :P Honestly though, it's tough even getting commissions out of the guy, because he's so busy. However, he did draw a few gifts for me at FurCon recently; I'll have them posted up soonish.

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ProjectD: I definitely enjoy the star fox pic. ;D

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Ket-Ralus: Yeah. It shows its age, drawing-quality wise, but it's a nice scenario. I want to see more of Slippy. =}