Brask, the Nerond Mage
Art by Ket✦Ralus
!K 07 2004 @Ket-Ralus Brask nerond


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Brask — first half of Set 4: Ket & Brask (2003-07-30 to 2006-09-09)

021: “Brask, the Nerond Mage”*

*Originally posted 2004-07-29.

Modifications may have been made at one or more later dates.


This is the beginning of Set 4: Ket & Brask, which is the final numbered set of art, and the first to showcase some original characters created by me. Some of these pictures were actually started back in 2003/2004, but it took years before they were able to emerge as truly completed. Some of these pictures were also modified during subsequent updates. Perhaps it's due to my attachment to Ket & Brask, but I don't consider this "Old Art", which is a category that holds a negative connotation.

Moving along, the original description of this picture is as follows:
Brask is an adult male of a race/species I made up called the Nerond, which are characterized by their almost jet-black skin and their many rounded features (such as the head, etc.). Brask is fairly short for an adult Nerond, but he still packs a punch, being that he's also a mage (that is, a user of magic).

Description written 2008-07-10.
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