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!K 11 2002 @KetRalus Ty_the_Tasmanian_Tiger Ty_the_Tasmanian_Tiger_(series)


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This day was the opening of the original incarnation of my website! Likewise, it was the first time I officially put my smut online (yes, Set 1 was actually first posted on Nov. 8).

This post contains my second set of art. Work began immediately after Set 1, and concluded on this date. Technically, most of this set was modified and/or colored on 2004-02-22, so you're not seeing the historically accurate version. This time period had its ups and downs, including a few finished pics which I ended up just tossing out due to their extreme shittiness. My major qualm with this set is that the image sizes and character body-structures fluctuate. Also, unnecessary anthro bodies for the lose.

Description written 2008-07-09.
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