11524: !G 12 2014 @Redemption3445 Buzz Cheerios bee

!G 12 2014 @Redemption3445 Buzz Cheerios bee // 1200x1200 // 342.6KB // 04d buzzkill

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lomby: I'd l o v e to lick that!
... And I'mma not bee talkin' about the stick o' honey he's got. ;)

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Ket-Ralus: Agreed. =} This is one of the pics in this set I was most excited to get because I've wanted porn of this character for a long time and there's absolutely nothing else of him out there. =P

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lomby: I can not deny so, so I gotta bee frank, and agree muchly!
This certainly, is a most appreciated contribution, to an oft under-appreciated character and mascot.

... One can only wonder, what honey-sweet words, he'd buzz into one's ear, as one plows and plunges, into that blessedly beehind of his -

- for surely, once one is done 'n' finished coating the ins and outs of his "cheerio", his bumble'd butt, would show else colors then mere black and yellow... Specks and spots, splotches and splooges of white, mayhaps?

Personally speakin' I think his striking color-scheme, would look just sensually sensational, when clad in ropes of lusciously sprayed and spent cum.

... Just a thought~ :d

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Ket-Ralus: Hehehe. ;} How visually striking!

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lomby: Why thank you, Ket!
I'm sure he has some certain spots, and sensual
parts his own, worth "striking" - am I right? ;b

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Kurt: This is a new stinger any bee has ever had. Oh well, we do like our honey very sweet. I'd say, by happy be healthy.

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Ket-Ralus: Cool. Glad you dig it! =}

11529: !G 01 2015 @Sony_Shock Brask Braskling Ket alien grey_alien nerond tortavi

!G 01 2015 @Sony_Shock Brask Braskling Ket alien grey_alien nerond tortavi // 1280x1636 // 1.0MB // Sony-Shock - Grey w- Ket & Brask

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lomby: May I say, in well-wish; Happy (belated!) Birthday, Ket-o maister~ ;D

... Sony, always seem to know how to draw such wonderfully plump ass/ets! They each and every, all looks *so* good in here, 'specially Brask's lovely form, in such a spectacular side-view~ MMMmmm!


Gotta l o v e them classic-styled Greys too~ Got a fine sum of [video-]games, soley so, for the fact them and those are frequently featured in so (Greys), and are of course, oftenly particularly handsome, *even* when evildoers~ ;9

Elvis, from the game Perfect Dark, is a personal fav' Grey of mine! (Although only his Nintendo 64 counterpart, as in personal speak; his Xbox Live Arcade version/ revision, looks fairly creepy to me and my senses~)

(And why yes, he *is* wearing sneakers!)

He's a lot more fancifully fun and fruitfully fetchin' in-game however, as his personality is quite charming and uplifting, *even* in the heat of battle, and he's somewhat prone to make comedic one-liners or quick quips. :B

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Kurt: Happy Birthday, Ket! I know I already did say that when we spoken to each other, but for the picture. My goodness it looks awesome and a lot of fun, only wish I was able to join in with you love birds spewing around those turtle seeds and alien seeds.

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ProjectD: Happy late birthday! I would have been on time with that if I had known.

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Ket-Ralus: Thanks for the birthday greetings, everyone! I don't advertise my birthday because I don't care much for holidays, conforming to schedules, or the attention whoring that goes along with such things. =P In any case, you are all good people and I appreciate the sentiments. =}

lomby, I know of Elvis. I actually have an Elvis "pet" from my Xbox Live avatar. ;} It's based off the remake, but it's all good in my book.

Thanks to you all: Kurt, ProjectD, and lomby. <3

11523: !G 12 2014 @Redemption3445 Asura Baal Guild_Wars_(series) Guild_Wars_2 Impire demon imp

!G 12 2014 @Redemption3445 Asura Baal Guild_Wars_(series) Guild_Wars_2 Impire demon imp // 1200x1369 // 646.9KB // 03f ra (asura impire final)

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ProjectD: One of my new favorites! I have a really hard time finding anything with goblins in that style.

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Ket-Ralus: Cool! Glad you like it. =}

11527: !G 01 2015 Boomer Boomer's_Adventure_in_ASMIK_World Roarey_Raccoon_(artist)

!G 01 2015 Boomer Boomer's_Adventure_in_ASMIK_World Roarey_Raccoon_(artist) // 1597x1230 // 230.5KB // boomersedu2

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lomby: Thanks a ton for this 'toon post, Ket!
Tis much appreciated~


Also, may I add, that is it just me, or does this image as a whole, have a slight three-dee-ish-vibe to it? Something about its dimensions and lines, makes it seem so... vividly real, alarmingly alive, and fully dimensional - even if it is just such a simple picture, in basic base.

I think, at least to me, the curvature of his body, conveys SO much, and the way his feet and legs; thickened loins, angle themselves in context to his shape, it all gives out this feel of a natural tilt, and as if, parts of him, are closer to the viewer then others - I think his lower half, and nether-regions, are especially notable for this, as I can easily view so as such, in the way one of his flat feet, seems so near, and as the body moves further on up, it appears as if he too moves further back in lean.

It... may sound strange[ly deranged], but there is something oddly pleasant about this. As I eye his curvature; from the bottom of his soles, to the spiked noggin of his top, I can *see* it - It; this, ah, little piece of... mesmerizing magic~

I dunno if so was intentional or not, but it is a little piece of marvel that I certainly enjoy, and it is in by-part of so, that I have grown so endeared to this one pictured piece of Boomer.

... I wonder if you too, can see something alike that in this, Ket?

I do apologize if I seem maddened, for seemingly seeing things I only may seem to see?

I can however assure you, that my humbled health and state of wellbeing, is quite solid in stance, and that in the cases of this; perhaps it is just another little oddity, only those of oddly minds and odd functionality, can pay actual notice to?

Anyhow, Ket (now with rambles all said 'n' done) -
- let me know whether or not I am alone in my insipid "insanity"! *chuckles*


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Ket-Ralus: You speak sense, lomby! While I wouldn't consider this any more than a sketch, Roarey did well with his curves to give Boomer a plump visage in a perspective view. ;}

We're both artists, so I don't find it surprising that we can read deeper into a piece of art. =}

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lomby: Many thanks for agreeing with my sentiments, Ket. :)

I feel now stillness in so, knowing I am at least not all *too* mad -
- just a little [bit mad]~ ;)

11516: !G 12 2014 Disney Looney_Tunes Marvin_the_Martian Mickey_Mouse RFBooster_(artist) alien mouse obscured_face

!G 12 2014 Disney Looney_Tunes Marvin_the_Martian Mickey_Mouse RFBooster_(artist) alien mouse obscured_face // 1650x1529 // 807.2KB // 04 MicknMarv

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lomby: "The Martian Menace", has seldom looked so f*in' fuckable before~ <3

Marvin's pose in such a ass-tastic(!) showcase, is just purrrrfect, Ket -
- did you suggest so (pose), or did Booster himself come (cum!) up with it on his own?

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Ket-Ralus: RF came up with the pose, though I selected it out of a few ideas he had. Also, I told him the things I like to see in porn, which includes a nice display of ass-ets. ;}

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lomby: *laughs* Nicely put pun, good sir - well played, for it was quite ~ p[h]unny. ;)

You and Brask though, still have some of the best ass-ets around this interwebz page o' yours! You'd rival, even the fanciest of cartoons and creatures alike. /Alsothatcute,shortie-tailofyours,certainlyhelpsmatters. <3

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Ket-Ralus: Hehe, you and my tail *gives it a wag* ;} Well speaking of Ket & Brask, they will be appearing in a game I'm making. Game development is my profession, so you can rest assured it will be of high quality. =}

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lomby: Oooh?
So, is said profession both a job, *and* a hobby?

I mean, I can imagine it as so, as surely such work is not part of your usually assigned tasks? And that so instead, are something you do do, part out of passion, for the promising project of such certain characters?

... And of course, if you wishes to divulge and tell more of so and such, I'd love to hear you out, Ket.

This li'l lomby's all ears~ :')

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Ket-Ralus: lomby, yes, it's a profession + hobby. =} Why don't you catch me on Skype, e-mail, or via FA note, and we can chat more there?

- Reply
lomby: Well ~ just FA Note me with whatever your heart desires, and we'll chat away at it on there.


10312: !G 04 2009 @local-shop Alien_Hominid American_Dad! Cryptosporidium Fate Furon Invader_Zim Kif_Kroker Lavos_Core_(Central_Bit) Marvin_the_Martian Orbulon Roger_Smith Star_Wars_(series) Vortigaunt WarioWare_(series) Watto Zim alien zz

!G 04 2009 @local-shop Alien_Hominid American_Dad! Cryptosporidium Fate Furon Invader_Zim Kif_Kroker Lavos_Core_(Central_Bit) Marvin_the_Martian Orbulon Roger_Smith Star_Wars_(series) Vortigaunt WarioWare_(series) Watto Zim alien zz // 1158x837 // 333.1KB // local-shop_2009_big-ass_alien_orgy_commish

showing 10 of 12 comments

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Ket-Ralus: <a href=""><img class="alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-1618" title="Big-ass Alien Orgy Commish!" src="" alt="Big-ass Alien Orgy Commish!" width="150" height="150" /></a><a href=""><img title="Big-ass Alien Orgy Commish! (sketch)" src="" alt="Big-ass Alien Orgy Commish! (sketch)" /></a>


<strong>Art by <a href="">local-shop</a>.</strong>

I used the power of the great (declining) American Dollar to make local-shop do an unspeakable thing. I had her draw for me a big, gay alien orgy. I picked out all the characters for her to use (she reminded me about Crypto), but the rest is pretty much her own doing, and I love it! I like the interaction between the characters on the bed; it makes the orgy feel more connected. The little touches like Watto's holocam, Fate/Orbulon's double-ended dildo, and the Solar System anal beads add some spice to the scene. I don't know what she thinks of the idea of Roger with a dick, but I said I like dicks on everything, so it was done! As I described to her before, this is a pure anarchy of dicks, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

There were a couple things that didn't make it into the final picture. I suggested adding a Grunt/Unggoy, but she had some problems drawing him, and was axed from the start. She also roughed out a "space hotel" background (see <a href="">sketch</a>), but apparently decided against it later on. These are minor omissions, and I feel the picture still turned out excellent. Thank you, Vee, for creating this picture. =}

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AnJLo: Well, I have to say that I only know three of them all, but it's very crank gay and hot. So all in one I think it's very great and I really like it!

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Cool! local-shop would be glad to know that too. =}

For the record, I'll list off all the characters:

<em>Far left:</em> Lavos Core (Chrono Trigger)
<em>To his right, in black:</em> Marvin the Martian (Looney Tunes)
<em>Flying up above:</em> Watto (Star Wars Episode I)
<em>Down to the right of him:</em> Zim (Invader Zim)
<em>Fucking him in the ass:</em> Crypto (Destroy All Humans)
<em>To his right:</em> Roger (American Dad)
<em>Gulping his cum:</em> Alien Hominid (Alien Hominid)
<em>Down below, on floor:</em> Fate (my character)
<em>To his right:</em> Orbulon (WarioWare)
<em>Far top-right, standing:</em> Vortigaunt (Half-Life)
<em>Getting fucked by him:</em> Kif (Futurama)

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lomby: I dunno how I should feel about being able to already know all of these, by just a mere glance - I'm by part surprised by my own knowledge of their origins and locale, but then I realize; that I behold porn of each and every xeno in question, and I then feel positively perverse.

... What's the word, for a lover 'n' not a hater,
when speaking about xeno-lovelies? ... Xenophile?
... I like that title!

... Yeeeah, I could *totally* go for sum xeno now~ mmm~ <3 -u-

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Ket-Ralus: Yes we are two xenophiles. ;} <3

- Reply
lomby: Good to see us two xenophiliacs standin' side by side then~ <3
Unity, and glory; to the all-sexual-hivemind!

And if we're *real lucky* boys, we'll get to see (feel!) the probin' end of their alien "p/rods". ;d


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Ket-Ralus: Seriously. I could go for an alien abduction right about now. Probe away, I say! >=}

- Reply
lomby: *laughs*
That's the spirit, Ket!

If I may, I'd like to quote my favorite line from its Rule #34 post, as its subject is so near and dear to heart...

" Looking for hot male on male alien action?
Then beam on down to Area 51 where the probing never stops.

Area 51: Where the good stuff not only happens on Earth, but also on Uranus. "

Oh blessedly blessed, blissful anon~ <3
One of the best jokey-comments I've ever read on there~ <3

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Hehehe! Nice! I never saw that comment, but I'm glad the picture was popular enough to warrant it. =}

- Reply
lomby: It was popular enough to be a feature_image too, for a brief period of time. :)
(Hence the many superb comments on it~)

11525: !G 12 2014 @Redemption3445 Black_Mage Final_Fantasy_(series) Final_Fantasy_IX Vivi_Ornitier mage obscured_face

!G 12 2014 @Redemption3445 Black_Mage Final_Fantasy_(series) Final_Fantasy_IX Vivi_Ornitier mage obscured_face // 784x1154 // 360.2KB // 05e vivi

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lomby: yesyesyesohyes!

I've *always* wanted something like this, but seldom have I entertained the idea to become reality. Vivi is just... *wonderful* - marvelous and magical; short and cute... and incredibly desirable! (In oh-so-many ways.)

He looks great with an servicing cock up his bubbly-butt too, especially with those snug orbs of his, nested so neatly below~

Whoever requested/paid, and/or made this; I can not begin to thank so for so enough!

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Heheh =} Well the request and payment was me, and the art is all MistahRed's, so your compliments are in good hands. ;}

Red's also done a few other pics of Vivi you should check out. Sent me a private message (FA, email, etc.) with a reminder if you're interested, and I'll hook you up!

- Reply
lomby: Message sent, Ket o' bud~ >:)

Glad to see, I amn't alone in lustin' over this black-mage's bouncy bottom~ <3
... And his teeny, touchy and tender, munchable member - not to neglect his bountiful, bubble-balls, of course!
And also, those thickly plump thighs, and terrific blubber of a belly...
Such a cutely featured face too, and *those* beady li'l, goldened eyes -
- fittingly golden, for a *golden* character, in so-many-ways~

There's sooo much of him, one wishes to rub relishably, and fondle finely, you know?
... And - MMMmmmMMM - I could be here all day, unless I'd stop myself in word for now!

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Yes! So much to enjoy under all those clothes. =9

- Reply
lomby: And it'd be a likewise treat, to disrobe such a treasure (Vivi), with tricks of one's own~

... MmmmM... I'd imagine, it would feel really gooood, to caress his flabby form, as one unties his knotted coat slowly, and rubs carefully a tenderly-touching hand over his blackened skin in the process of [doing] so.

... And it'd get even m o r e f u n I imagine, when it comes to unbuckling a certain li'l mage's tenting (but baggy) pants!

... And *just for you* (Ket), I'm sure his feet are r e a l nice too - all in plump soles and short toes, once you uncover so from their kept captivity~

; )

11518: !G 12 2014 @Sony_Shock Aero_the_Acro-Bat Aero_the_Acro-Bat_(series) Balloon-Blaster Blue_Dragon Ket Marumaro Shellrazer bat goblin tortavi

!G 12 2014 @Sony_Shock Aero_the_Acro-Bat Aero_the_Acro-Bat_(series) Balloon-Blaster Blue_Dragon Ket Marumaro Shellrazer bat goblin tortavi // 1280x1539 // 974.5KB // Sony-Shock - Ket, Aero, Marumaro, Balloon-Blaster Goblin

- Reply
lomby: We can n e v e r have enough of Aero - *any* porn to his name, is a much-needed and much-welcome addition!

Cuties abound in this one piece, Ket! And while I amn't that big a (Akira) Toriyama fan, I must admit that Marumaro is quite the fetchin' fellow! He goes very well with the equally rotund and lovely-rounded B!-Blaster~

And on a "finishing" note...
N i c e / a s s , Ket~ <3 ;)

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Thanks! *wags tail* =}

There will be even more Aero art coming, so stay tuned~

- Reply
lomby: You can wag that cute tail of yers at me *anytime*, Ket~ ;D

As for Aero; Oooh! I am ecstatic! ... And maybe a bit erect too~ ;b

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: I'd say the chance of erection is quite likely. ;} *wags tail at you again*

- Reply
lomby: You *always* know how to a r o u s e my attention, Ket~ ;d

11519: !G 12 2014 @Sony_Shock Brask Braskling Ket nerond tortavi

!G 12 2014 @Sony_Shock Brask Braskling Ket nerond tortavi // 1280x1142 // 438.6KB // Sony-Shock - Ket & Santa Brask

- Reply
lomby: OooooOh Brasssk; why must he be so lovably plump, and chubbily sexxxy?

I can *definitely* see why folks and furs would want to have their way with him -
- a certain tortoise included, o f c o u r s e. ;)

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: An extra-chubby Brask is always fun to play with. ;} Glad you enjoy this pair~

- Reply
lomby: How can I *not*, when both parties are so equally sexxxy? ;)

You look *great* with a cock up that bubble-butt of yours, mistah Ket~


- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Mmmm "=} thanks. <3

- Reply
lomby: The compliments are only truthful, much meant, and certainly welcome, mister Ralus~ ;)

I think a pinkly chub of a dinosaurus o' mine, would like to join in next, in Santa's "sled". Whether or not and regardless of he'd been naughty or nice, I bet he'd looove his time in Santa's lap~


11512: !G 11 2014 @yellowpower Clownman Robot_Master Rockman_(series) Toadman Woodman

!G 11 2014 @yellowpower Clownman Robot_Master Rockman_(series) Toadman Woodman // 1280x1067 // 284.3KB // p2v6

- Reply
lomby: I feel like such an oddball for saying, but my personal favorite types of robot-masters, are the ones that are more, erm, well, *robotic*. :B

I dunno why, but I have always been more allured, and attracted to, the more metallic and automatonic they are - ergo, the less "human", the more arousing I find them...

I feel similarly, about other supposed 'bots too, which is why, I'm not that big of a fan, design-wise, of the earlier generations of Transformers, etcetera - simply too human, in their features and faces...

When I think of metal hubby hubbies, to love lovingly, I imagine those of intriguing intricacies in shapely metal, hard, handsome edges, and utmost robotic, in every sense of the design - optics, chassis', and hinges, screwed-joints, and whatnot else robot-goody-goodness...

... Ah - so, in lieu of so, such a conversational piece, may I then ask you, Ket, is there anything more, "robotic", you have likewise attachment to? Or do you just prefer, these more humanized mechanicals?

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: I think robots are attractive, but sexuality is an organic thing to me, so flesh appeals to my senses. My main attraction to these guys is due to their unusual proportions and simple, cute faces. They're a little short, sometimes chubby, and still not quite human.

- Reply
lomby: That is very true, Ket, and I do agree with you. :)

Some of my own personal faves, in the likes of as which you described, are akin to alike Snake-Man, etcetera - those that, as you put it; walk the line between robotic and human.

If I wasn't such a robophiliac, I'd call it the best of two worlds. :b

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Yep, that makes sense. =}

- Reply
lomby: Thanks, bud~ :D
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