11574: !K 03 2015 @KetRalus Disney The_Three_Musketeers The_Troubadour edit

!K 03 2015 @KetRalus Disney The_Three_Musketeers The_Troubadour edit // 1750x1625 // 299.1KB // ket-ralus_troubadour_edit_v1

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lomby: That's... Ah - I feel a bit, speechless!
I-I dunno what to say really!

He looks terrificly on-model, and as if, just plucked and picks, from the [film's] reels themselves. ;D

... If you ever feel to be in a kindly (kinky!) generous mood, would you consider perhaps doing an edit of a version, with his lovely-dovely underwear on, but with his turtle pecker pokin' out of its hidy-hole (/fly?)... ?

I'm not an "undie" kinda-fur, *but I do think* he looked r e a l good in them, and *sometimes*, furs and scalies with so and such garments upon themselves, can be *really* hot, as they'd bulge biggly and "peek" forth in prods. :3

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Ket-Ralus: Hi, lomby! I just added my proper description above, so you can read that for more info (it's the same on both versions).

You have a pretty good idea there about the open fly. ;} I actually have a small list of additions I could make if I ever want to revisit this edit, and I just added your idea to the list!

Glad you enjoy this and thanks for the great comments. =}

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: Thank you for so, Ket(!) - I am very happy, you liked my idea,

and likewise am I flattered, you saw so worth the time to actually at-one-point-or-another, adapt into reality. :D

11532: !G 02 2015 @Redemption3445 Brask Braskling Ket Looney_Tunes Marvin_the_Martian alien nerond obscured_face tortavi

!G 02 2015 @Redemption3445 Brask Braskling Ket Looney_Tunes Marvin_the_Martian alien nerond obscured_face tortavi // 4000x4318 // 2.4MB // 11l themartian

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lomby: *laughs*
Nice TITular (moobsy?) pun, Ket. ;9

Dem Dicks, as oft is the case with Red's relishable work; tends to be a little wee bit and a tad, of *too much* for a taste my own - however, else of arousing and artful art, is, MmMmMm, exquisite~


(Also, my own pun stemmed from the fact that Ket looks a bit "breast"y (due to the shading) if the image isn't zoomed-in proper. :b)

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Ket-Ralus: Hehe =} I suppose that's true. You can thank Red for the title though. It was his. ;}

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lomby: Clever boy~!
... A intentionally talented artist,
but (also) an unintentional, punny comedian. ... A man of many talents! :d

11543: !G 03 2015 @Redemption3445 Corky_Turtle Naked_Turtle Naked_Turtle_Beach_Bar Suzy's_Zoo turtle

!G 03 2015 @Redemption3445 Corky_Turtle Naked_Turtle Naked_Turtle_Beach_Bar Suzy's_Zoo turtle // 3379x3000 // 1.5MB // 09p Naked Turtle & Corky Turtle

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lomby: Your enamoring perversion, knows no bounds, Ket -
- I am in deep awe, over how much and many goodies, you always seem to unearth for purposes alike this and these!

... Not even lovely logos, and measly mascots, are safe from your raging "wrath". ;b

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Ket-Ralus: Hehehe! I couldn't say it any better, lomby. =D

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lomby: Perverted and pornographic connoisseurs like us, Ket;
thinks tinkeringly and ponders playfully alike, and all-so in equal terrific thoughts, deary~

i.e. great folks and furs think alike! ;D

11544: !G 03 2015 @Redemption3445 Ket Mirill tortavi

!G 03 2015 @Redemption3445 Ket Mirill tortavi // 3604x3000 // 1.8MB // 10q Ket & Mirill (female tortavi)

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lomby: Cute butt, Ket~ *whistles*
Wanna wiggle that tail for me, babe? ;D

... Need I say else, then that I approve of 50% of this picture?!

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Ket-Ralus: *wags his tail* That's good enough for me. ;}

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lomby: <3 l o v e l y ~

11535: !K 02 2015 @KetRalus Clarence_T._Hare Ket tortavi

!K 02 2015 @KetRalus Clarence_T._Hare Ket tortavi // 1140x962 // 256.2KB // Ket & Clarence Frot, for CTH

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lomby: That be some sweet and sexy frot, Ket! (No, *not* foot!)
... I'd love to join you guys sometime in rubbin' penes~ ;D

You're a naughty one (in a-many ways!), mister Ralus,
but that's how/why we and I love you~

Also; shall I add in say, that Clarence looks r e a l good,
and I like your puffed cheeks too, Ket. (And by that, I actually meant your facial ones!)
They're very, ah, lovely rounded, and just chubbily pinchable~ <3
Just makes you wanna squeeze 'em, you kno'?

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Ket-Ralus: I'm all for the chubby roundness. ;} And as far as frot, I'm all for including you in on the fun if you have some sexy ideas. =D As always, thanks for commenting, lomby!

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ProjectD: I'd hope so!

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lomby: Well Ket;

If you're willing to see and imagine me as that pinkly cute li'l dinosaurus by the name of Boomer (who I am often seen scooting around with and/or as by a-many folks and furs(!)), then I am sure we can strike something up, now that "my" form, is more plumply fit for the screen and scene...


As for ideas;

... How about, you giving my big belly, 'n' softly scaled tummy a caring caress, whilst rubbing dino-dick and turtle-tool with me?

I wouldn't mind a nice session of frottage, and I do think Ket/you, would be cutely in so, whereas in which you give my belly a nicely touching, tugging feel, along with the pressing of our members mushed against one another...

... If things sounds good and willing so far, then go ahead and *Note* me on FurAffinity, and I can supply you with proper references of Boomer/"me", if you would like so? :)

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Ket-Ralus: ProjectD: You'd hope so to what? =P I'm not sure what you're replying to. In any case, thanks for checking out my work. =}

lomby: That sounds like a cute idea. =} I'll note it down for later, but I have some other art to complete first. You understand. Luckily, with my recent streaming sessions, I'm making a lot more progress!

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ProjectD: I think there might have been a form error with that comment.

Although I've been in and out of here, I'm happy to see something of yours come out of 2014!

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lomby: I do understand you well, Ket, so do not worry of so -

- and I do must say, I felt very flattered in my own happied self, that you approved my certain (cute) concept!

I did not know, if so would meet your standards, since I myself amn't as expertly experienced such as you are, in the usage of multiple characters within one piece of porn - so, that fact I gained your liking in such loving, well, it means *a whole lot* to me. :#)

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Ket-Ralus: ProjectD: Hehehe, tell me about it. ;P Here's to a more productive 2015!

lomby: D'awww. =} You're great company too. Anyway, I shall get back to you about this when the time comes.

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lomby: Danke schön, Ket~ <3

11537: !K 03 2015 @KetRalus Brask Braskling Looney_Tunes Marvin_the_Martian alien nerond obscured_face

!K 03 2015 @KetRalus Brask Braskling Looney_Tunes Marvin_the_Martian alien nerond obscured_face // 1875x3375 // 4.9MB // Marvin & Brask FINAL
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ThatGuy: temp_anon is one lucky guy :D
This pic is awesome!

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ProjectD: Is this a sign of possible commission work in the future? If so, I'd better start planning!

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Ket-Ralus: ThatGuy: Thank you! I appreciate you joining my site. =}

ProjectD: I hope so! I have a pretty big backlog, but I hope to plow through it. ;D

10265: !K 02 2009 @CTH @KetRalus Black_Mage Final_Fantasy_(series) Final_Fantasy_IX Vivi_Ornitier mage obscured_face

!K 02 2009 @CTH @KetRalus Black_Mage Final_Fantasy_(series) Final_Fantasy_IX Vivi_Ornitier mage obscured_face // 964x964 // 121.4KB // k7_20090220a_edit_cth_2009_vivi_color

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Ket-Ralus: Clarence T. Hare Disrobes Darkness
Post Date (GMT): 2009-02-20 20:16:30
Progress History: Brask : 2009-01-23 (1) : start-to-finish
Vivi : 2009-01-25 (3) : start-to-finish

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Ket-Ralus: <a href=""><img class="alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-987" title="Brask" src="" alt="Brask" width="150" height="150" /></a><a class="additional-thumbnail" href=""><img class="alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-988" title="Vivi (color)" src="" alt="Vivi (color)" width="150" height="150" /></a><a href=""><img title="Vivi" src="" alt="Vivi" /></a>


Oy! Shoulda posted these a few days ago, but got sidetracked. Anyway, here are the pictures that Clarence drew for me at FC.

<h3>1. "Brask" by <a href="">Clarence T. Hare</a></h3>
This was the first thing drawn for me at FC, and it was done before I finished my first picture as well. Clarence graciously offered to draw Brask for me, and I gladly accepted. This wasn't done in a book since it started out as a rough draft that Clarence went all the way with. It always makes me insanely happy whenever someone draws one of my characters, so I can't thank Clarence enough for jumping on this. =}

<h3>2. "Vivi" by <a href="">Clarence T. Hare</a></h3>
Clarence's sketch is actually the EXtra version here. I've promoted my own colorization edit of it, since I feel it brings out the character likeness more.

Clarence drew this in my Rule XXXIV book at FC. His rendition of Vivi is amazing! I love the way Clarence took a very literal approach to the shape of Vivi's body as it appears in the clothes he wears. It made for a unique and plump body shape, which is something I always enjoy. FYI, I cleaned up the sketch from how it appears on my book to cut down on the stray sketch marks of the pencil.

My edit is a pretty simple colorization, though it did take some time to get everything cleaned up squarely. There is a simple invert filter applied to most of the body, along with some level adjustments. I also included the signature glowing eyes. I was torn on what color the tip of Vivi's dick should be. I thought that leaving it like the rest of the body made it blend in too much, and I wanted it to stand out more. I thought this looked the best, so be it.

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temp_anon: Mmm, I've been meaning to comment on the Vivi one for a while. I just love the nice babyfat thing you have going for the little black mage. Gotta say he's my favorite FF9 character, right up there with Puck and Zidane.

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Ket-Ralus: Clarence did a great job on Vivi. He's a favorite character of mine as well! Vivi inspired the creation of Brask, after all.

Oh yeah, and I like Puck and Zidane's designs too. =}

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temp_anon: Mmm, remind me whenever you open up for commissions again to get some Vivi/Brask from you, now I'm really curious to see what would happen.

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Ket-Ralus: Hehe. I'll mark that down for you then. ;}

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Ket-Ralus: I previously classified this as an edit, but I have currently decided to post it as if it were a collab, and thus it is now in the "!K" category.

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lomby: Nicely ass/ets to him, and a shapely sir, ripe for a taken plunder - his body too, looks wonderfully plump, and dared one even wonder how *awesome* it'd be to feel his jiggling "jello" physique and folded shapes, as so (it) reacts to one's hump to his rump?

*... shudders just to think the thought of so*

... His crooked cock, whilst a *little* bit too big, for a taste of my own (given his implied "age", physically), I will however say, that his tipped head, looks really interesting, intriguing - and I with certain, would like a taste of and unto so.

... Man, Vivi has to be one of the best non-human shotas there is - or so, I certainly think, i.m.o.


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Ket-Ralus: Cool. =} Glad you like it!

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lomby: Indeed I do, Ket~ :)
Splendidly spent [time] on them curvaceous colors of his formful folds, mister Ralus!

11534: !G 02 2015 @CTH @KetRalus Aero_the_Acro-Bat Aero_the_Acro-Bat_(series) Blue_Dragon Marumaro bat

!G 02 2015 @CTH @KetRalus Aero_the_Acro-Bat Aero_the_Acro-Bat_(series) Blue_Dragon Marumaro bat // 792x917 // 368.3KB // CTH - Aero & Marumaro Flat Colors

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Kurt: It looks extremely good Ket. It's great that your still keeping your creativity in your drawings alive as I will keep on following and learning more to your work every day.

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lomby: ... You make me sooo happy, Ket;
Aero AND Marumaro?! Surely, you spoil me~ <3

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Ket-Ralus: Hehehe, thanks guys. Just stick around and more enjoyable pics will come. =}

11533: !G 02 2015 @Redemption3445 Jar_Jar_Binks Star_Wars_(series) Yoda gungan

!G 02 2015 @Redemption3445 Jar_Jar_Binks Star_Wars_(series) Yoda gungan // 2263x2000 // 1.0MB // 08m yod

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lomby: I know, a-many sum and some (err, most), of them Star Wars fans out there, has a distinct dislike towards and for Jar Jar, but in personal preference and humbled honestly, I always kinda enjoyed him. (And this is coming from someone who grew up with *and on* Episode IV, V, and VI!)

Even as a mere and meager youth, when Episode I came out, I thought he was fun, cute, and appealing - and even after godonlyknows how many years later, I still feel the same and similarly [about him]~

Sure, he's a tad bit silly, and goofy too, but so only adds to his certain charm, in my opinion -

- and, if nothing else, and one *were* to find him annoying, then at the least, he's good enough to looks at (rather then lounge around with!)

... Always liked his flip-floppy ears too;
would've love to rub them one fine 'n' fancy day!

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Ket-Ralus: Hehe, meesa have to agree with you. ;}

Of course, the main attraction for me in this piece is Yoda. He may be old, but he's still a short hottie. =9

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lomby: You can have yer Yoda,
if I can have my Jar-Jar~? ;D

It seems our preferences are switched and swapped, Ket o' boy,
and I surely with certain, prefer one over the other...

That "other" one, of course,
being a *particular* gungan~ <3

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Ket-Ralus: I think this is one of those rare cases where he have opposing views, hehe. Guess we can't agree on everything. ;P

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lomby: So may be true Ket,
but we're s t i l l in agreement however, that this is a sexy piece altogether. ;b
It's just a matter of *who* we find sexxxier!
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