10971: !R Skull_Kid The_Legend_of_Zelda_Majora's_Mask Zelda_(series) masked

!R Skull_Kid The_Legend_of_Zelda_Majora's_Mask Zelda_(series) masked // 1326x2067 // 1.8MB // Skull_Kid

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lomby: ^All my YES'.

... If you ever wounds, end-up doin' it, per say,
that would be quite s'well,
as I have *always* found the Deku's mouths themselves, to be p e r f e c t for fellatio 'n' blowjobs. :>

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Ket-Ralus: I'd still like to do this someday... or have it commissioned. Cute woody creatures going at it. =9

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: Woody and stiffy indeedilydoo!

Quite the log of a load too, dare/d I imagine so intiMATE,

and too, be I certain curious, as to who/m be attending to whose's aroused "DekuStick", and fondle feely-felt of them tender "DekuNuts"? ;9

... Skully 's, of-course, the boner boy on-top, should I guess [so] in my gave gander,
buuuuuut, I'm suuree he's a friskyfresh, friendly "fiend" enough, as to give our splintered-split woodly-bud Link a received reach-around, at-the-least, hrrmmm? :d

... Wood on Wood, (hefty and heavy), [grinding girths],
and dem dez nuts, be nuzzled touchin' nudgin'; - >totally gay< therefor - and *I'm lovin' IT*, in my maturely murrin' mind~ <3

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Ket-Ralus: Excellent~ And thanks for the positioning ideas, naturally. =}

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lomby: >//> Hehehe, I, ah, didn't actually intend really, to neither inspire nor give ideas, as I simply spoke my mind, on [mature] matters, as it came forth flooded;

- BUT I am however flashly flattered, that you interpreted it all as such, and came to feel it worth/while, of a few good things come-tempted, such as posings and positions, of hornyporny. :)

(aaalsooo, as I wrote my last latest post ^up there^ above, I had this these few nicely naughty >floraphilic thoughts< whose which tempted me, as I wrote about dem Deku neato-nuts 'n' stiff-sticks --- buuut they be kinda kinky, too of quirky, to speak surely, dare I say...) :b

1997: !R Ganon Zelda_(series)

!R Ganon Zelda_(series) // 275x300 // 27.2KB // Ganon_2

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Ket-Ralus: Ganon comments: >>1996

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lomby: ... Mmm~ <3
Be that some official arts, or fan-artistry only?
- The laid-aloof tongue therein tho', is a sexxxy touch~

Odd as it may seem to sound, I only tends to find Ganondorf's "true" form (i.e. Ganon, as such as ^this^) sexually intriguing, and alarmingly arousing;

that's to say, simply put; - when he's a sexy swine like >this<. :'B

His, more somewhat-human form, (Ganondorf), is just rather unappealing to me, and doesn't elicit much of my enticement. U_U

... Everyone, sorta horn's 'emselves up about him and his han'som' human-self;
--- and *all I can think of* tempted, is >how-much< I'd rather sex-up his swinely-self. ;u;

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Ket-Ralus: I'm not sure if this is official or not, but it looks like it could be official to me.

Yeah, Ganondorf's human form is nothing special. I gotta have the big pig. =}

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: Yeesss; the biggie piggy, is where aaall the j u i c y ASSets are rest residing~ <3 hnn <3 ggh <3

SO-MUCH mmmeat, on this bigGER bad-boy,
that *you can't help* it, but just wanna have >this> bastard boar dom' you, amirite aha? :9

sexyswine s e xxx y sss W I N e <3 @x@

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Ket-Ralus: I'm sure he's ready for porking with that big juicy hog~

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lomby: Yeesss, he can go hog-wild on me anytime/anyday/anynight, ohbby! ;DD
Swine's gonna get sweaty~ <3<3<3

1169: !R M_and_M's Red_m

!R M_and_M's Red_m // 287x341 // 107.1KB // card5

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lomby: ... Some naked uncladness before, and NOW bound bondage;

Their PR-department REALLY gets aways with absolutely *anything*, don't they? =u=;

(Not that I myself mind tho', of course, for Red was always my fav'ilicious spherical hottie~) <3

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Ket-Ralus: Yes, I'm definitely glad they've kept Red around as their mascot for so many years. I eat him right up. =9

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Kurt: I came across this from the side chat going on. I really didn't think that M&M's company actually created this advertisement when valentines day was around. It is a good month to advertise stuff as to this, but... I feel this wasn't towards the kids. It was highly more towards the romantic audience.

They try everything without going so far to being disturbing about it and try to brand it as a funny gimmick. Its a good way to grab hold of consumers. Although to be honest, I will say it surely is something that they would go this far.

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Ket-Ralus: Being someone who is not really into bondage, I never found this to be sexual (aside from Red just being hot on his own ;} ), and I'm pretty sure most people would not view this with any scorn.

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Kurt: I have to agree on that one, Ket. I would believe the same with you.

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: MMMmmmMMM!
Can't argue with that assessment, at-all!

For sound sure, buddyKet,
for I too, would love a lickin'-good-time unto his chocolaty goodness,
and choco'cock-oh! ;'D

... I'm sure ruddy Red 'ere, wouldn't mind us twos (OR threes, with KurtyTurty too included, intimately!), as *to nibble naughtily onto his chocolate-coat/ing*, and to be enjoying arousedly, his savored flavors. >:9

W-We're gonna go make him goo,
and make him m e l t in our smelting, sensually fonding handlingsss,
fooor, this time 'round, >we're sure< to have him melt in our hands, [and SO MUCH more], tekekehehe~ ^v^

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Ket-Ralus: He can melt in my mouth first. ;}

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: You 'n' me both, mister Ralus; you 'n' me both, be in and of likewise likes thereof, yeesss~~~ <3

*drools drippy*
I can only dare dream imagine/d, his heated hot *and hearty, h e a v y*, thickly flavorful "cocoa"crrream~ oUo

OHMAN>Iwish<theyjusthadMandM'scertainchocolate,inthem"SQUIRT-bottles"soright-'bout-now! <3 <3 <3

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Ket-Ralus: M&M's phallic-shaped chocolate squirt bottles~ now there's a tasty thought. =9

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lomby: *laughs, chucklin'* A tasted pun, be much appreciated. x)

[And too]You'd be surprised to see, of >what> kinds of areaS, the M&M corp. have their oval-to-orbous main-mascot/s dispensing their came candies from,

fooor a few of 'em "[un?]fortunate", have them choco'nuts cumin' right from the crotch. :B

... Iactuallyreallykindawant,a*kinky*dispenseralikethatthough,rightaboutnow! <3
I know of a few official M&M's ones, with "odd" [read:i.e.lewd] placements for a dispenser's orifice. xux

10502: !K 04 2011 @KetRalus Digimon Impmon imp

!K 04 2011 @KetRalus Digimon Impmon imp // 1007x1334 // 643.9KB // k7_20110416a_s_impmon_tail_dildo_for_asmo

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Ket-Ralus: SC004 - Impmon tail & dildo, for Asmo
Image Post Date (GMT): 2011-04-16 20:09:13
Image GUID: 2011/04/k7_20110416a_s_impmon_tail_dildo_for_asmo.png

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Ket-Ralus: SC004 - Impmon tail & dildo, for Asmo
Post Date (GMT): 2011-04-16 20:11:08

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Ket-Ralus: [gallery]


Asmo is an elusive commissioner. The only direction I got, aside from compliments on <a href="">my previous Impmon drawing</a>, was that Impmon should be doing something playful (I think it was stated). I looked up Asmo's interests on SoFurry, and discovered that he enjoys double penetration (who doesn't?). And thus, I ended up with a picture of Impmon penetrating himself with his own tail and a vibrating dildo simultaneously. I attempted to stay true to my previous Impmon drawing while also making changes/improvements where warranted. As you can tell, I did more coloring than I ought to have, but I was attempting to one-up my previous effort. I'm satisfied with the results. =} Thanks for commissioning me, Asmo!

<a href="">FIVE BUCK COMMISSIONS are still available!</a> Only USD$5 for a sketch like this! Contact me and let's get started~

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Kurt: I can't believe no one said anything about this picture. I must admit, Ket. Its super awesome of a picture~ I started having thought to using the pose for a Koopa Troopa. <3

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Ket-Ralus: Thanks! I really enjoy this pic myself. =} Feel free to borrow the pose too~

11676: !K 08 2015 @KetRalus Bomberman_(series) Dead_Space_(series) Feed_Me Frogatto Gestra Guardian_of_Earth John_and_John Karaoke_Bomber Light_Speed VAMP WIP Who's_That_Flying Wunderlist Wyv zz

!K 08 2015 @KetRalus Bomberman_(series) Dead_Space_(series) Feed_Me Frogatto Gestra Guardian_of_Earth John_and_John Karaoke_Bomber Light_Speed VAMP WIP Who's_That_Flying Wunderlist Wyv zz // 1568x1868 // 556.5KB // Unfinished Batch 2011~2015

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Kurt: Mmm... Need some assistance on getting some of these finished, Ket? <3

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: If you have a piece in mind that you're interested in working on, you're perfectly welcome to give it a shot. =} Just let me know. <3

- Reply
Kurt: I had the thought on working on number 5 and 7. ^^

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Ket-Ralus: Oh, cool! Well, I'd be willing to help you out with that! =D

11635: !G 06 2015 Brask Braskling Chrono_Trigger EingefrorenesEisen_(artist) Masa_Mune frot nerond

!G 06 2015 Brask Braskling Chrono_Trigger EingefrorenesEisen_(artist) Masa_Mune frot nerond // 1037x902 // 590.6KB // EingefrorenesEisen - Masa and Mune share some Brask (FINAL)
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Loyal: If only it were this easy to get the sword. Probably would waste less magic and it would have been twice as fun.

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Ket-Ralus: Mmmm, would have been a great side quest in Chrono Trigger. ;}

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Kurt: The only fun way to learn how to use a legendary sword is to become one with it. I think this piece of work fits perfectly to that definition.

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Ket-Ralus: Brask isn't a sword-wielder, but let's not tell these guys. =}

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Kurt: Hey, maybe he could be a sword-wielder? *Winks trying to get Ket to know of something else.*

Yeah, I do agree. Let's let them have their fun.

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Ket-Ralus: Hehe! Well I know Kurt's a sword-wielder. ;}

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Kurt: Oh my...~ W-Well, thank you Ket. ^/////^

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Ket-Ralus: Anytime~

11638: !R Hipiso_(artist) Lakitu Mario_(series) fan_art foot_ref koopa

!R Hipiso_(artist) Lakitu Mario_(series) fan_art foot_ref koopa // 500x667 // 58.1KB // 45878064_p2

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Kurt: Awwww... Lakity is playing with his Spiny. I find this very adorable. ^^

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Ket-Ralus: Yep. =} It's a cute pic and good reference.

- Reply
Kurt: I agree. Good angle to his feet and hands that's for sure!

11636: !G 06 2015 @KetRalus Disney Frozen Kuroi-Wolf_(artist) Mickey_Mouse mouse troll

!G 06 2015 @KetRalus Disney Frozen Kuroi-Wolf_(artist) Mickey_Mouse mouse troll // 1663x1341 // 515.9KB // Kuroi-Wolf - Mickey & Frozen troll (Flat Colors)
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Loyal: Dayum...the pose is just too good. This is really hot.

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Ket-Ralus: I totally agree. ;}

11633: !G 05 2015 @Seamaster Gimel-I Gimel_Goblin goblin

!G 05 2015 @Seamaster Gimel-I Gimel_Goblin goblin // 500x510 // 47.3KB // Seamaster - Gimel Goblin ''enjoy the view''
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Loyal: If this is that same goblin then I think i'd lose more than one boot =3

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Ket-Ralus: Hehe! Yes, it is that same goblin. ;} Now you know why Brask was so enticed~

11627: !G 05 2015 Enchantica Goblin_King Hellbender alien best_grey frot goblin grey_alien wooferlicke_(artist)

!G 05 2015 Enchantica Goblin_King Hellbender alien best_grey frot goblin grey_alien wooferlicke_(artist) // 976x1440 // 186.8KB // wooferlicke - Alien & Goblin (Final) A

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lomby: ... Upon discovering that dastardly [un]fortunate skeletal-slim 'n' skeleton in their beheld back-ground,
I hereby have this unsuppressed urge to yell out;

"DEATH by SNU-SNU!" --- Man, what a way to go!

... Does Ketty (you) know *what* led to the "poor" guy's FUCKed-fate - or was so, just an delighting detail Woof' put in fer kicks 'n' (IMPlied) kinks? :b

(i.e. what's that skel's story!?)

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Ket-Ralus: Hehe! A Futurama fan, I see. =} Well, your guess is as good as mine. My only instruction to woofer in regards to the background was literally: "maybe some space altar or something... portal between the goblins and the aliens?" So you can thank him for the additional creativity and mysteries. ;}

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lomby: *chuckles*
So is certainly appreciated - [for it] really gets the mind goin', you know~?

... Gettin' fucked to the drop of 'e dry bone 'n' death itself;
I can think *of worse ways* to leave this weary world. :b

*At-least* you'll then have a somewhat-smile on ye until the (inevitable) end. ;9

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Ket-Ralus: LOL, yes that's true. =D
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