12188: !G 07 2016 @Redemption3445 Boober Fraggle Fraggle_Rock G11 Gobo

!G 07 2016 @Redemption3445 Boober Fraggle Fraggle_Rock G11 Gobo // 1250x1250 // 956.6KB // 2016 G11 Redemption3445 - Gobo & Boober (Fraggle Rock) (LQ)

- Reply
Kurt: Red sure knows how to make the squirts commence.

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Yep. Red can get pretty good with fluids. ;}

12193: !G 08 2016 @runde G13 Looney_Tunes Marvin_the_Martian alien obscured_face

!G 08 2016 @runde G13 Looney_Tunes Marvin_the_Martian alien obscured_face // 1250x1250 // 504.6KB // 2016 G13 runde - Marvin the Martian's Feet

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Just fixed the thumbnail! I moved to a new server and I'm still fixing a few things. Also, my apologies for the test comments! (11:59PM my time)

12173: !G 05 2016 @runde Brask Braskling G06 Ket nerond tortavi

!G 05 2016 @runde Brask Braskling G06 Ket nerond tortavi // 1950x1200 // 616.6KB // runde - Ket & Brask lounging

- Reply
Kurt: Wow! He went all out on how he drew up his lines. It gives you both that colorful yet pencil mark up style. Nicely done, even more interesting it looks as he went crazy on the depth of colors too!

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: I wish the lines were cleaner but I agree he did a very nice job on drawing this and giving it a sense of depth. =}

Also, I'm currently using this as the background for my disclaimer page ;}

11894: !R Crazy_Frog The_Annoying_Thing frog

!R Crazy_Frog The_Annoying_Thing frog // 1280x1024 // 87.3KB // donthotlink-crazy-frog-1280x1024-1

- Reply
Kurt: They had that little exposed spot under him. Like wow, that is very shocking. I never knew the designers for Crazy_Frog when I was growing up when he used to be pretty big had that little member there sticking around.

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Yeah the original Crazy Frog design made him "anatomically correct" so to speak. But after the character became popular, media began to show him sans genitals.

- Reply
Kurt: Ah, I say it could use a little bit of some tuning here and there with his little member. <3

11741: !K 01 2016 @KetRalus @Redemption3445 Final_Fantasy_(series) Final_Fantasy_X Hypello K03 Ronso Shoopuf

!K 01 2016 @KetRalus @Redemption3445 Final_Fantasy_(series) Final_Fantasy_X Hypello K03 Ronso Shoopuf // 1200x1600 // 637.1KB // Hypello Sketches, w- Redemption3445

- Reply
lomby: oohmygosh~andgoodnessgreatness,
for I'd never everth thought, to that I'd so see this day acumeth. :o

~Always, I have had a lovin' liking, for their doofy kinda designs and demeanoring, to too of their distinctly nee characterful linguistics (<3),

aaannd suffice to say too, in Final Fantasy X-2, when wherein you got your very own Hypello Barkeep ever-present [anboard aship], I certainly "came" to have envisioned and imagined myself thereat onto, in a few some sum times, for ~"paying the tab" in a wide variety of 'ello satable ways ass veered, heh... So ~screwin' around, onto that bar-counter in alotta means, I meant indeed, yeahehe! <3

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Hypello porn is long overdue, eh? =} Glad you approve! Also, I barely played X-2, but I did some research about the Barkeep, and it sounds like a fun fantasy. ;}

- Reply
lomby: @Ket-Ralus: Hmm, for yes, "long overdue" is such an quaint understatement 'ereat, ah Kets ;P ~but yeah, for the queero Barkeep, he's a real cute one, of that 'pello pal. =D
I so loved chitchattin' him up in the video-game proper, and suchas meandering or nah mopin' 'round his barplace, and hearing him speak and say them things, as told in those cutely derpish, distinct vocals, etc. mhm yush. <3 :)

~Alsooo, just because I noticed so nowaday, in my revisit towards makin' this re-reply, for whensthin I too now obviously noted, that your footfurvert'edness is showing its shine throughout hereat, fooor there's seldom a single pose wherein them Hypellos aren't all showin'off their webbed feetsies..! - yous sorta kinkish Ket; I do dig it. ;b

--- Gotta asks ya tho',
what others kind of fellows do you keen to your kinks and likes, from the FF universe? (Figured I ask, since its long-lasting series sofar, has cometo spawned and houses some rather quirky, certainly odd [read:fuckable] characters, undth creatures, and beings aplethora, suchas all alike its iconic BlackMages, bangable Bangaas, amany Moogles aplenty, some sum Mombas, too them huffyhunky Ronsos, etc. ergo etcetera... :9)

Fetishy-feels needs not apply, if you wills it not necessary, ahaha, but whilst these are far from my own final fantasizings 'bout their aquatic kinds above, or of from else o' friendlies to foes therein this absurdly-wast franchise,

me and mine personally, although admitted for I have always has and had a "soft"spot for them gnarly [-]'WEAPON kinda branded-bosses of the series' uber-bossings atoffering; sooo whether they be likes of Omega, Ultima, whateverhaveye in likened, for as in a dual compare/contrast way asto a macro/micro 'philic sorta sense of scale and size, they'd be thoroughly eXXXciting to exxxplore throughout, and too ~as to ride and riddle their ginormous beastly bodies, with 'tending touches ALLthroughout themselves, etc. etceterahhh. :#

- Reply
Kurt: I never did play Final Fantasy X of yet, although I must admit. Ronso has such a attractive butt! I think just about any lizard to Koopa as I would give his bottom a nice groom. If I saw a bottom like that in the bar, I'd totally come up to Ronso and ask if he could lend me a hand. That is if he takes lightly to guests, or rather adventures on a quest to find more things.

At the moment, I'm now getting into Final Fantasy 7 to look for some cute creatures in the game. The Final Fantasy series have a bunch of creatures in the game, many are pretty known like the Chocobo race, while other creatures who are not that common to be pretty forgotten.

Lovely job you and Red done, Ket. I can't wait to see what other creatures that come in your collection of rare monsters, as well to creatures that no one could remember can make something come out even more better.

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: lomby, my further Final Fantasy fancies can be found here:!*%20Final_Fantasy_%28series%29/
Of course, this doesn't include everything, but I'll try to add more when time allows. Pretty much everything you mentioned is up my alley though. ;}

Kurt, thanks for the kind words! =} Glad you enjoy this and are partaking in the Final Fantasy fantasizing as well~

11742: !G 01 2016 @Redemption3445 G02 Ket tortavi

!G 01 2016 @Redemption3445 G02 Ket tortavi // 849x1101 // 751.8KB // Redemption3445 - Ket ''Party Hard'' (LQ)

- Reply
lomby: What's this fancy of festivities 'cause for, Ketty? :)

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: It was my birthday. =P

- Reply
lomby: @Ket-Ralus: Then unto so, have yaself a wellwished Happily-had [belated] Birthday ontos ye, Ket..! ;D

~Aaalsoo, I just gotta go to say so, since I sighted its appeal,
buuut, 'tis honestly rather nice, to see some occasionally SFW Red' artsiness, for firstly once, ah :o - it is somewhat neato to see, such that his overall splendular stuffs, looks just as (always) s'well, even ever with 'r without dem dongles at 'tached. =b

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Thanks, Lomby! =} Yes, porn is great, but it is also nice to have a drawing that I can look at and not have to worry about others seeing it. ;}

11866: !R Dr._Wani Frogger_(series) crocodilian foot_ref

!R Dr._Wani Frogger_(series) crocodilian foot_ref // 455x480 // 116.6KB // Dr. Wani

- Reply
lomby: Niiicee~ <3 <3

~also of a naughty note however, be of:

^Yooouu see, my buddybub Onci'bro at nowawhilesback, did do drawns inwhich he drew forth for me, a dirty couple of perv pics of this tubby too, of an chub croc', eheheh, huff|puff~ :\\9

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Thanks for the heads up! Wani is certainly one of the cutest crocs I've seen. =}

- Reply
lomby: @Ket-Ralus: ~S-Shusha now, for can you not see so, that he's do tryin' really-'ard, to look all alike "Grr~rawrz" in his intimidation and á la this precise posing 'n' posturing? ;3 He'd not come to appreciate much, of such cutesy says or flattering remarks, as made unto his fattening bode, aha!

... thooouugh, knowing us twos terrific kinky, we'd be most likely to does turn that intimidating display, into a splayed, "sprayed" bout of INtimate'datin', yup yeah? ;9 ~'tis surely so, such an nicely swell he gots onto his croc-oohh cocker, I be sure of, aha, aaannd it makes me all felt antsy t' gogone thinkin' about. :)

~Such a snappy dresser, for darn, he'd be that too(!), and real-easily to swoon over this alike. ^^
The one and singular scar across his onlooking eyin' too, be a neatest little touch, of added designs, mhm.
And, ofcourse, for finale, I must so too agree, that his thick toes, do be rather cutish, and awholealottamurr t' more. B) I wouldn't wanna mind myself a stout, stomped "trample" thereinunder his wide 'Wani' weight, aahh! <3

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Yeah he's got an interesting combo of tough, cute, and dashing features. I feel he could pull off any of them in entirety well, if the situation were right. =}

11942: !R Kick_Buttowski

!R Kick_Buttowski // 1100x616 // 362.1KB // 6294865_orig

- Reply
lomby: What a cutiest kiddo you got there at-views, Ket-meister; *winknudge*
maayhaaps he saw nee spied somethin' he came to liked - and we just did do the same, ah? ;)

~Suck lovely, simplelike and rotundish designs,
and too, some supple cheekies to-boot[y], heh! <3

(thooouugh I'd do admit towards lewd aloud, fooor to suurely, I would wanna "tug" on moreso then his mere undie-wondies hereat, yup japp, lemme tell ya at that! :9)

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Yeah this shorty has some cute curves and toony expressions. Might draw something of him in the future.

- Reply
lomby: @Ket-Ralus: *nods naughtily*
He sure do have and has a grrreat ass, 'his li'l Kick,

thooouugh admittedly, the kinda poses he's been keen to shownoff pullin' in postures, can't really be that good a physique for your back 'r a spine's stance, ah - butt his backside be sooo plumpy and yumyum nevertheless withstanding, hurr <3

I too had a little [lusty ]while back, wherein I gave friskily a looksee around ('roused), over at Paheal's R34 collective of pornography 'plenty, aaannd it does seem so that we're not the only ones to find this chubby cutie somewhat fuckable; which is so somewhat rather flattering, in a sexual semblance of sense, ahahehe~ ':b

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Yeah there's a couple good Kick pics at Paheal, but there could be more. Perhaps I'll have to make it happen. ;}

11836: !R Mr._Dark Rayman_(series)

!R Mr._Dark Rayman_(series) // 265x176 // 68.7KB // latest (2)

- Reply
lomby: Woah and Wowza Ket, for you've been real-busy within your founded R! folder, since last I came-by to be partake, of the visited;

- you even remembered to recall this fetchin' fella (ergo "tall, DARK, and handsome" hehe) inof recollection, among with abuncha other stuffs either made mentioned by me or others o' else! :D
I am really, quite the impressed, bestest Mister Ralus~ <3

(Aaannd ofcourse, I oftenly makes IT a had habit of mine my own, as to go to goes, of visiting your folder filled of References plethora, whenever I visits hereon of your owned KRG site, juuusst so as to see whether whatever "news" aplenty it may be to bring me, heh. c:)

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: I have a ton of references I have saved to disk that I've not had time to upload, but I'm trying to get through them all. Mr. Dark is one of these. Glad you're pleased with some of my choices. =} Stay tuned for more!

- Reply
lomby: @Ket-Ralus: Good Good, good to hear t' ear,
for I diiid wondered sometimes firstly, if you had forgotten of certain fellas in recollect - though I in hindsight, obviously should have known the better, given the abundant amount of artsy you gotsa stored and stacked in your shelly und site. ;)

~As per the titular Mister Darks though,
'tis really such a shame, that Ancel and Ubisoft never went wayback to utilizing his either potential or presence evermore so often, aaas he was to were quite the interesting and intriguing prospect nah prowess, power... A masterer of them dark-arts, and so for here, there's alot of untapped potency herefore,

... ~though I am surely soso~sure, he'll gets 'round to "tap" (<3) us however whatsoever, in some adulty way 'r another allewds manner, heh..! =P

11953: !G 01 2016 @Nazuu-m0nster Brask Braskling Fate G04 Ket Purple_Kecleon_(artist) nerond tortavi

!G 01 2016 @Nazuu-m0nster Brask Braskling Fate G04 Ket Purple_Kecleon_(artist) nerond tortavi // 1250x1250 // 652.9KB // Nazuu-m0nster - Fate, Brask, Ket 3 - Purple Kecleon Color (L
- Reply
Loyal: Gotta say, there is a lot of love here. Brask is really enjoying himself and Fate is so enigmatic x3 Ket, your hole looks like it is begging for love. I'd be more than happy to volunteer of course ;]

On a side note, that foreskin looks so smooth and shiny. And your feet look amazing!! Lots of sexy love on this pic.

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Oh, Loyal~ <3 Yeah, my hole could definitely use some love ;} *wags his tail* My feet could use some attention too!

Thanks for the lovely comment, Loyal! =}

- Reply
Kurt: I see a hole at top which needs to have a large member inserted and given some love down into that anus, Ket. Hmm... Not only that, but no one is giving love to them lovely green soles of yours, which is a darn shame. If I was in there, I'd ensure those parts are giving some love with a bit of some licking while at it. <3

- Reply
Ket-Ralus: Hehehe, Kurt, you're quite the kind Koopa. =} You're also very right. ;} <3
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