11866: !R Dr._Wani Frogger_(series) crocodilian foot_ref

!R Dr._Wani Frogger_(series) crocodilian foot_ref // 455x480 // 116.6KB // Dr. Wani

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lomby: Niiicee~ <3 <3

~also of a naughty note however, be of:

^Yooouu see, my buddybub Onci'bro at nowawhilesback, did do drawns inwhich he drew forth for me, a dirty couple of perv pics of this tubby too, of an chub croc', eheheh, huff|puff~ :\\9

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Ket-Ralus: Thanks for the heads up! Wani is certainly one of the cutest crocs I've seen. =}

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: ~S-Shusha now, for can you not see so, that he's do tryin' really-'ard, to look all alike "Grr~rawrz" in his intimidation and á la this precise posing 'n' posturing? ;3 He'd not come to appreciate much, of such cutesy says or flattering remarks, as made unto his fattening bode, aha!

... thooouugh, knowing us twos terrific kinky, we'd be most likely to does turn that intimidating display, into a splayed, "sprayed" bout of INtimate'datin', yup yeah? ;9 ~'tis surely so, such an nicely swell he gots onto his croc-oohh cocker, I be sure of, aha, aaannd it makes me all felt antsy t' gogone thinkin' about. :)

~Such a snappy dresser, for darn, he'd be that too(!), and real-easily to swoon over this alike. ^^
The one and singular scar across his onlooking eyin' too, be a neatest little touch, of added designs, mhm.
And, ofcourse, for finale, I must so too agree, that his thick toes, do be rather cutish, and awholealottamurr t' more. B) I wouldn't wanna mind myself a stout, stomped "trample" thereinunder his wide 'Wani' weight, aahh! <3

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Ket-Ralus: Yeah he's got an interesting combo of tough, cute, and dashing features. I feel he could pull off any of them in entirety well, if the situation were right. =}

11942: !R Kick_Buttowski

!R Kick_Buttowski // 1100x616 // 362.1KB // 6294865_orig

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lomby: What a cutiest kiddo you got there at-views, Ket-meister; *winknudge*
maayhaaps he saw nee spied somethin' he came to liked - and we just did do the same, ah? ;)

~Suck lovely, simplelike and rotundish designs,
and too, some supple cheekies to-boot[y], heh! <3

(thooouugh I'd do admit towards lewd aloud, fooor to suurely, I would wanna "tug" on moreso then his mere undie-wondies hereat, yup japp, lemme tell ya at that! :9)

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Ket-Ralus: Yeah this shorty has some cute curves and toony expressions. Might draw something of him in the future.

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: *nods naughtily*
He sure do have and has a grrreat ass, 'his li'l Kick,

thooouugh admittedly, the kinda poses he's been keen to shownoff pullin' in postures, can't really be that good a physique for your back 'r a spine's stance, ah - butt his backside be sooo plumpy and yumyum nevertheless withstanding, hurr <3

I too had a little [lusty ]while back, wherein I gave friskily a looksee around ('roused), over at Paheal's R34 collective of pornography 'plenty, aaannd it does seem so that we're not the only ones to find this chubby cutie somewhat fuckable; which is so somewhat rather flattering, in a sexual semblance of sense, ahahehe~ ':b

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Ket-Ralus: Yeah there's a couple good Kick pics at Paheal, but there could be more. Perhaps I'll have to make it happen. ;}

11836: !R Mr._Dark Rayman_(series)

!R Mr._Dark Rayman_(series) // 265x176 // 68.7KB // latest (2)

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lomby: Woah and Wowza Ket, for you've been real-busy within your founded R! folder, since last I came-by to be partake, of the visited;

- you even remembered to recall this fetchin' fella (ergo "tall, DARK, and handsome" hehe) inof recollection, among with abuncha other stuffs either made mentioned by me or others o' else! :D
I am really, quite the impressed, bestest Mister Ralus~ <3

(Aaannd ofcourse, I oftenly makes IT a had habit of mine my own, as to go to goes, of visiting your folder filled of References plethora, whenever I visits hereon of your owned KRG site, juuusst so as to see whether whatever "news" aplenty it may be to bring me, heh. c:)

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Ket-Ralus: I have a ton of references I have saved to disk that I've not had time to upload, but I'm trying to get through them all. Mr. Dark is one of these. Glad you're pleased with some of my choices. =} Stay tuned for more!

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: Good Good, good to hear t' ear,
for I diiid wondered sometimes firstly, if you had forgotten of certain fellas in recollect - though I in hindsight, obviously should have known the better, given the abundant amount of artsy you gotsa stored and stacked in your shelly und site. ;)

~As per the titular Mister Darks though,
'tis really such a shame, that Ancel and Ubisoft never went wayback to utilizing his either potential or presence evermore so often, aaas he was to were quite the interesting and intriguing prospect nah prowess, power... A masterer of them dark-arts, and so for here, there's alot of untapped potency herefore,

... ~though I am surely soso~sure, he'll gets 'round to "tap" (<3) us however whatsoever, in some adulty way 'r another allewds manner, heh..! =P

11953: !G 01 2016 @Nazuu-m0nster Brask Braskling Fate G04 Ket Purple_Kecleon_(artist) nerond tortavi

!G 01 2016 @Nazuu-m0nster Brask Braskling Fate G04 Ket Purple_Kecleon_(artist) nerond tortavi // 1250x1250 // 652.9KB // Nazuu-m0nster - Fate, Brask, Ket 3 - Purple Kecleon Color (L
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Loyal: Gotta say, there is a lot of love here. Brask is really enjoying himself and Fate is so enigmatic x3 Ket, your hole looks like it is begging for love. I'd be more than happy to volunteer of course ;]

On a side note, that foreskin looks so smooth and shiny. And your feet look amazing!! Lots of sexy love on this pic.

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Ket-Ralus: Oh, Loyal~ <3 Yeah, my hole could definitely use some love ;} *wags his tail* My feet could use some attention too!

Thanks for the lovely comment, Loyal! =}

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Kurt: I see a hole at top which needs to have a large member inserted and given some love down into that anus, Ket. Hmm... Not only that, but no one is giving love to them lovely green soles of yours, which is a darn shame. If I was in there, I'd ensure those parts are giving some love with a bit of some licking while at it. <3

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Ket-Ralus: Hehehe, Kurt, you're quite the kind Koopa. =} You're also very right. ;} <3

11756: !G 01 2016 @KurtKoopa G03 Ket tortavi

!G 01 2016 @KurtKoopa G03 Ket tortavi // 1025x693 // 141.7KB // KurtKoopa - Ket Ralus Logos (FINAL)

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Kurt: You're deeply welcome, Ket. I hope you can possibly make use to most of the vector work here.

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Ket-Ralus: Yeah! I'm not sure how to utilize it currently, but it'll definitely stay in my mind for the future!

11732: !K 01 2016 @KetRalus @Redemption3445 K02 Moominpappa Moomintroll The_Moomins

!K 01 2016 @KetRalus @Redemption3445 K02 Moominpappa Moomintroll The_Moomins // 1200x800 // 286.3KB // Moomin Sketches, w- Redemption3445

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Kurt: Oh nice! I see your posting in more work that we talked about a few days ago. Keep it up Ket, this is getting very good~! <3 <3 <3

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Ket-Ralus: *nods* Thanks, Kurt. =}

11680: !K 08 2015 @KetRalus Nuzzle

!K 08 2015 @KetRalus Nuzzle // 1203x973 // 319.1KB // Nuzzle (FINAL)

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Kurt: Need more art work of nuzzle. He looks like a very kind and cool character to hang around with. ^^

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Ket-Ralus: Hehe, thanks! =} He is a great guy~ I'll try to explore the character more in the future.

11623: !G 05 2015 @KetRalus Kuroi-Wolf_(artist) M_and_M's Pac-Man Red_m

!G 05 2015 @KetRalus Kuroi-Wolf_(artist) M_and_M's Pac-Man Red_m // 1973x1236 // 600.8KB // Kuroi Wolf - Red (M&M's) & Pac-Man (Flat Colors)

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: Danke thanke dearest and deeply, bestest Ket. <3 ://)

I too, do quite love herein, as-to being a particular part of your own's certain community hereon onto here - and too, just as much, do I love them told talks and touched-upon topics, that stems from so such's converses and conversations thereof aplenty a-plethora;

your SITE, is great enough as-is, (really truly), and your art's state as gone with-or-without, >doesn't change< the fact, that it IS a good time spent in-spending on here, *regardless* of so and such Ketty arts nonetheless!

- [For] When in *such grand company*, your place and palace precious, be a l w a y s worth my taken time, Ket. ^^
(~[So] No Need, to wound worry, of that thought~) <3 ;)

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Ket-Ralus: I won't worry then. Much appreciated, lomby. <3

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lomby: 'tis all a given, and surely meant absolute[ly], best mister Ralus. <3 :#))

... One the spoken subject of these mmm"munchable" M&Ms however, (beitonhereorelsehwere) I do must ask assumed, since I myself, amn't as felt familiar with them and their made mascots, such as you of Americans are;

- so, my question bares itself, in of what kind of cult of personalities are there, within the brand? What clad colors of many mascots be there, beyond the most obvious[ly striking] of Red, and he himself?

... I KNOW of, of-course, relishable Red, but too of gullible Yellow, singin'-the-blues Blue, and our curvaceous dame of Green... but *I am sure* there's more then four, yeesss?

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Ket-Ralus: There's also Orange (though I think they used to call him Crispy) and Ms. Brown.

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lomby: Heh, well-hey, Ms. Brown is actually *kinda cute*, with her ol'-styled frame-glasses and whatnot-else. :)

(Make me wonder however, if someones in-sums has [already] shipped her 'n' paired 'er into some lesbo-action with the likes of madam Green?)

... As for the that odacious Orange;
I am mostly former-familiar of him and he himself, as being the one 'n' only, who got ass-rammed by an pervy grabby-nabby pretzel! :b (andthusthereaftersoon,them>M&MPretzels<was"born".)

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Pacster777: I hope I will see Pac-Man X Spiral, Pac-Man X Ghost Gang.

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Ket-Ralus: I will try my best to get more porn of Pac and his friends~ =}

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Pacster777: Okay! :D

- Reply
Kurt: Perhaps I could be of some usage on Pac-Man X Ghost Gang~ It would be a blast being able to draw it for a request from people on here, plus it'll better my visual and idea of work.

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Ket-Ralus: I'll leave you guys to it! ;}

11708: !G 10 2015 @Redemption3445 Black_Mage Eggplant_Wizard Final_Fantasy_(series) Final_Fantasy_IX He-Man_and_the_Masters_of_the_Universe Kid_Icarus_(series) Orko Vivi_Ornitier mage obscured_face

!G 10 2015 @Redemption3445 Black_Mage Eggplant_Wizard Final_Fantasy_(series) Final_Fantasy_IX He-Man_and_the_Masters_of_the_Universe Kid_Icarus_(series) Orko Vivi_Ornitier mage obscured_face // 2586x1802 // 1.4MB // Redemption3445 - Vivi, Orko, Eggplant Wizard (FINAL, 2015-10

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lomby: ... I have no wrote words proper o' wonderfulment, to be spoken sincerely dearly, in its just praise, but yet I must cream; - for, as to fap these feels away, I shall indeed~ <3

~Y-You already know verily of well, in its wealth, in-of and at-about my felt feelings for the li'l Black_Mage of Vivs, ... sooo suffice to say, this overall be engorgingly erotic and enticing, aaannd my arousal be tented by this lewd, lusty artistry.

(Lest I forget too amidst aroused, I needs mentioning maturely, that Orko 'imself *be such a magelike, ruddy robe-clad super~sexy* too, mmm~ ... I've been dared dreamin' for ~this~ kinda kinky creamin' from him, a-many tempted times before, ahaha!) ;9

!Absolutely outSTANDing stuffs come commissioned, asoftitbe, my tasty ~cum~padre, ehehehe!

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Ket-Ralus: Red had a part in picking this scene out, so he deserves a commanding share of the praise. ;}

Sorry I took so long to reply. I've been extremely busy as of late. I always appreciate your fanciful compliments and musings. =} Glad you enjoy!

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: I enjoy it verily, that I do well indeed,

and bare no whatsoever excusings, for I too have recently been all-too-busy for my own well-being honestly, all-throughout October 'n' beyond, before; (blah bah and bleh) :b
~Luuuckilyyy, I have *good nay/nary great* folks and furs [alike you], to RAISE my ssspirit, yehehe. ;D

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Ket-Ralus: Hehehe, excellent. =}

11683: !G 08 2015 Ket Lakitu Lakitu's_Cloud Mario Mario_(series) Super_Mario_64 blackbear_(artist) koopa tortavi

!G 08 2015 Ket Lakitu Lakitu's_Cloud Mario Mario_(series) Super_Mario_64 blackbear_(artist) koopa tortavi // 1012x843 // 742.2KB // blackbear - Ket, Lakitu Bros., Mario ''Fun at the castle.''

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: May I ask inquiring, (sinceyouyourselfbroughtupsosuchoftopic),
of what's your favorite video-game[s] "of all time", Ketty~Turt'? :D

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Ket-Ralus: Maybe Deus Ex or Final Fantasy Tactics. Probably not what you were expecting, eh? =P

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: 'tis not what I expected answered, yeah, but I be pleasantly pleased, surprised nonetheless. :b

Deus Ex, has always been one of those a-many told titles, who/m of which, 've made me wish that I was more of an PC gamer at-times, since IT in-of itself, 's something I've always wanted to experience for me myself, buuut never could do, due to a lack of gaming PC proper, and/or lackthereof PC-gaming interest and enthusiasm...

... Thankfully, I watched a [LotusPrince @ ChannelAwesome/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses] Let's Play of it, a-many moons 'n' years ago, way-back when (muchbeforetheandthiswholeLPphenomenonreallytookoffsoprofuse), and suffice to say, it's gameage was phenomenal; all the outstanding and good/great things ever spoken of its title, bares told truth/S, and it is truly a remarkable piece of PC gaming forever always;

- I therefore understand your praising position thereof select subject, wholly and fully <3
--- You gots grander taste, Ket. C:

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Ket-Ralus: I like Deus Ex mostly because of the freedom in its gameplay. It gives you so many different ways to tackle an objective, and a lot of stuff to explore. Human Revolution did great here too. Final Fantasy Tactics is kinda the same in a way, since the job system allows you to choose pretty much any play style you want, and there's a good deal of strategy involved as well.

Thanks, lomby. =}

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: *chuckles some smidgen* Ya kno', as silly as it sounds, the freedom given, so-to-speak, is kinda a thing (nay reason), that *drives me aways* from the likes of Deus Ex and its similar[ly styled] brethren... :d

- it's never a lack-there-of freedom being my concerned issue, BUT rather, being given it, so-vastly, instead; there's TOO-much freedom i.m.o. and its multitude o' options and multiple choices, simply overwhelms [nary overloads] my senses all-throughout all-too-much. ^^;

~In video-gaming in-of itself, I kinda prefer an evened "middle-ground" on the made-matter, ifthatmakesemblancedsense? :S (i.e. not too-much 'n' not too-little!) ^^;

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Ket-Ralus: *nods* I understand. Of course, I always manage to explore and investigate every nook and cranny of the game despite the seemingly wide open environments. ;} Now if it were a game like GTA, I wouldn't even know where to start. =P

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: *gulp gutturally* Y-Yeah, I'm with ya on that one, of GTAs!

I l o v e likingly the GrandTheftAuto series of video-games, for a-many reasons unspoken (andnoneofthem,actuallyhastodowithitsviolenttendencies!) and while I *certainly* would like to explore und investigate its each 'n' every nook [nay nary] cranny herein, forthere's.SO.MUCH.greatsecretstofinduncovered, it's sadly a series whose map-designS, be too-vast, even for the O.C.D.s't of us all, anddownrightoverwhelming. :b

- Someday tho', I'd love to map-out and thorough search its wide worlds proper, bit-by-bit, and segment-by-segment of map/s wholly; by mayhaps starting small, and clearing out a segment's high and lows, before scaling oneself further...

... So-much to see; sad that the game's oftenly too-big. @o@;

~'tis kinda fact, of why I really never got into the "The Elder Scrolls" franchise, or the "Fallout" series likewise; too-big, too-expansive nowadays in lands, and me myself bein' not-enough of a one-man-team to tackle its massive proportions... ^v^;

I thereof for, kinda enjoys very-much "smaller" sized games in-scale, of whom which I can there-instead fully explore throughout, with a bit o' dedication added to its task if-necessary. =d
~I'm sure~ you feel somewhat similarly, to some scant sum of titles too? :3

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Ket-Ralus: I understand what you mean. However, I do enjoy both Elder Scrolls and Fallout very much actually. ;}

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lomby: @Ket-Ralus: Heh, you're not as down deep, into the obsessive compulsion as I am myself then; I trrryy to do dictating of my gaming needs, with accordance of my "disorder/s" and flaws/failings in mind. :p

~Sorta of-why I can never come-to touch, things and titles a/like Minecraft and Terraria too, etcetera etc. :d

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Ket-Ralus: *nods* Also games I enjoy, I might add, especially Minecraft. But I believe we've digressed far enough. =P
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