ProjectD: Is this a sign of possible commission work in the future?... >>>
ProjectD: I think there might have been a form error with that... >>>
ProjectD: I'd hope so! >>>
ProjectD: Happy late birthday! I would have been on time with... >>>
ProjectD: One of my new favorites! I have a really hard time... >>>
ProjectD: I like the figure on these two <3 >>>
ProjectD: I actually kind of like the roughness in the style.... >>>
ProjectD: Yes another thing most needed! >>>
ProjectD: It's been a while since I've read Temp_Anon's... >>>
ProjectD: That's all good. I'm glad to see that you're... >>>
ProjectD: I'm sorry to hear that. Are you still making... >>>
ProjectD: Are you still doing commissions, ket? >>>
ProjectD: I wish there was more like this online. >>>
ProjectD: Of course :) >>>
ProjectD: I hope to see more! >>>
ProjectD: I'm glad to see you back. I was wondering what... >>>
ProjectD: Alright then. >>>
ProjectD: Yup. :) >>>
ProjectD: Anthropakia. Greek for "little people". Other... >>>
ProjectD: I like the plan. >>>
ProjectD: It works much better. >>>
ProjectD: Did you change the disclaimer? >>>
ProjectD: Meh, if you don't want to then you don't... >>>
ProjectD: I can send the first chapter. >>>
ProjectD: High fantasy is what I enjoy. Little people who are... >>>
ProjectD: Lovely. I put my efforts into writing nowadays. It... >>>
ProjectD: I like modesty. :p I think that the ability to... >>>
ProjectD: I hope so! I'd love to meet the artist behind... >>>
ProjectD: I'm just gonna wait until next year. I'll... >>>
ProjectD: I'm in Northern California. The trip wouldn't... >>>
ProjectD: Yes indeed. >>>
ProjectD: Yeah, I have been drifting away from the web. However,... >>>
ProjectD: Yum. >>>
ProjectD: It's so close too. It's such a shame. >>>
ProjectD: If I had the funds, I would definitely go. >>>
ProjectD: I am definitely a fan of CTH, and I'm happy to... >>>
ProjectD: A lovely commision as usual ;) >>>
ProjectD: I've had a rough day, and this pic makes it better.... >>>
ProjectD: This is a picture I enjoy. Please forgive me for... >>>
ProjectD: Those feet. O_O I have never seen art for Chrono... >>>
ProjectD: The feet and cocks both add points. The tail adds a... >>>
ProjectD: It was really the expressions and foot grabbing that... >>>
ProjectD: This is cute. It reminds me of my boyfriend and I.... >>>
ProjectD: I like the four toes a bit more, but I suppose it depends... >>>
ProjectD: Well, when I would try to log in, the site would take... >>>
ProjectD: Hey! Sorry for not commenting lately, I've had... >>>
ProjectD: I liked this piece a lot, and you reallt can do the... >>>
ProjectD: For a while I had a big thing for Sonic characters.... >>>
ProjectD: All I could say when I saw this was "Oh my god."... >>>
ProjectD: The qualities both seem fine to me. :) >>>
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