Kurt: You're welcome, Ket! I'll have to get you... >>>
Kurt: Hahahahaha! I get the joke in this one. I bet that... >>>
Kurt: He does, he's got a marker style to his work and... >>>
Kurt: Glad to be able to. The details are very spot on with... >>>
Kurt: I see some muddy plays in the puddle. Very adorable... >>>
Kurt: A number of details that went into this drawing. It's... >>>
Kurt: Hmm... I actually know how to do that, but that is... >>>
Kurt: Ah, so that's what Lukitu is doing on his waiting... >>>
Kurt: Red sure knows how to make the squirts commence. >>>
Kurt: Very excellent indeed, his work of color and depth... >>>
Kurt: Wow! He went all out on how he drew up his lines. It... >>>
Kurt: Ah, I say it could use a little bit of some tuning... >>>
Kurt: They had that little exposed spot under him. Like wow,... >>>
Kurt: I never did play Final Fantasy X of yet, although I... >>>
Kurt: I see a hole at top which needs to have a large member... >>>
Kurt: You're deeply welcome, Ket. I hope you can possibly... >>>
Kurt: Oh nice! I see your posting in more work that we talked... >>>
Kurt: Mmhmm...~ The licking is always good. <3 >>>
Kurt: Need more art work of nuzzle. He looks like a very... >>>
Kurt: I must admit. Every time I came on and saw this piece,... >>>
Kurt: Perhaps I could be of some usage on Pac-Man X Ghost... >>>
Kurt: Thank you, Ket. I think it would really fit the best... >>>
Kurt: Perhaps, Ket. Might be the teaching of how to blast... >>>
Kurt: Such a wonderful way of study there, Ket. I can tell... >>>
Kurt: You did a great job on that piece, Ket! Everyday I'm... >>>
Kurt: It shocks me that this was all the way back in 2012.... >>>
Kurt: I can't believe no one said anything about this... >>>
Kurt: I had the thought on working on number 5 and 7. ^^ >>>
Kurt: Mmm... Need some assistance on getting some of these... >>>
Kurt: Oh my...~ W-Well, thank you Ket. ^/////^ >>>
Kurt: I agree. Good angle to his feet and hands that's... >>>
Kurt: Hey, maybe he could be a sword-wielder? *Winks trying... >>>
Kurt: The only fun way to learn how to use a legendary sword... >>>
Kurt: Awwww... Lakity is playing with his Spiny. I find this... >>>
Kurt: I have to agree on that one, Ket. I would believe the... >>>
Kurt: I came across this from the side chat going on. I really... >>>
Kurt: I'm going to be honest with this moment after... >>>
Kurt: Really? Wow that already sounds pretty interesting.... >>>
Kurt: I can't believe this was considered kids to adults... >>>
Kurt: I never did play King of Thieves, but by looking over... >>>
Kurt: I'm really finding a lot of love to the corner... >>>
Kurt: I can tell that Brask highly enjoyed not only getting... >>>
Kurt: It looks extremely good Ket. It's great that your... >>>
Kurt: I must agree with your words, Ket. >>>
Kurt: Whoa! Truth to be told, I've never saw that turtle... >>>
Kurt: Happy Birthday, Ket! I know I already did say that... >>>
Kurt: Fogger and Dewar surely do have interesting feet. Wonderful... >>>
Kurt: This is a new stinger any bee has ever had. Oh well,... >>>
Kurt: *awesome! >>>
Kurt: Oh goodness! Is that Kooper? That looks awesoem! >>>
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